Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28-9:00pm

Today Cody started his therapy sessions with Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. He was glad to get up and get busy. He got to go outside today! He was so happy about that! He also said he rode a bike for 8 minutes. I told him I don't think I could ride a bike for 8 minutes without my legs killing me!

He's so ready to come home. We can't wait for him to be home!

They recommend him not having visitors until after 4. That's when he's done with therapies for the day generally.

Cody's short term memory is still poor. His days are so long because his sense of time is gone. We went to get him some stuff at Target that he needed and he thought we had been gone for hours!

Cody is doing amazingly well but he still has some issues that need prayers. His balance is poor, his short term memory is poor, and he still needs speech therapy. We thank you for praying! I know I say that every post but I don't think we could say it enough.


  1. I have this cool wristband that reminds me to pray and a dear one blogging faithfully to let me know how to pray. I'll get on it!

  2. He has come such a long way. God will help him finish his journey and help him continue to heal.

  3. I'm so glad Cody got to go outside...there's nothing worse than hospital air! I know we're all going to keep praying - as long as it takes. The Lord has done such amazing things already! It's exciting to watch Him at work.

  4. I am so happy that he is getting so well. I will pray specifically tonight for his balance,
    his short term memory, and speech therapy. This is a ritual for me to check on the blog each morning and learn all the new things he is doing. God Bless you Cody and all of your family. Their faith is so awesome and it is inspiring to all of us. God Bless...Evelyn Keith

  5. All I can say is PRAISE the LORD!!!

  6. that is so awesome!
    Eph. 3:20 "God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we can hope or ask or think."

  7. god is my salvashion... my healer... my Rock... i must try KO love's all... Kenneth