Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23--7:00pm

Today has been a great day with Cody. He is speaking sentences and you can have conversations with him. His memory is better than it was yesterday and his vision is a tad better. He still has a long ways to go though. He's gotten up many times to sit in the chair.

His bed is way to short so it takes him a while to get comfortable. He sat up in the chair this evening and ate roast, mashed potatoes, and chocolate pudding. He wants to drink just a straight gatorade so bad! We have to thicken it though because they don't want to take the chance of him aspirating. Cody's sense of humor definitely stayed with him! He's been cracking us up.

Wayland and his wife and brother-in-law came by to see Cody and Cody was so glad to see them. Cody works with Wayland and is pretty close to their family.

I asked Cody if he remembers anything when he was in his coma and he thought he was in Vegas working as a pilot!!!! LOL!

Cody still asks many times about the accident. He is remorseful. Thinks it was his fault.

Cody also wants to see Travis (man who performed CPR) really bad. Wants to thank him for saving his life.

Our prayers are being answered one by one! Cody has only begun this journey of healing so we still have to prayer for Cody. His vision is still blurry. But God will heal him in time.

We are much more comfortable in Cody's single room. We LOVED his nurses in the ICU but are glad to have moved on!

It was such a blessing to get to watch Cody eat dinner and sit in his chair and have a conversation.


  1. This is awesome!!! Way to go Cody keep fighting.

    Matt Rhodes

  2. Thi is wonderful news, Cody keep your spirit, and laughter, everyone needs that after all the tears everyone has shared. You are a amazing guy, and God knows that you will return to all of us and have a tremendous story to tell your grandchildren some day. God be with you and your family, GOD IS LOVE and we Love you and your family. Hi Addy


  3. I think the guys name was Dusty from cec that performed cpr on cody.

  4. amen may the lord continue his work of miracle through you and you continue to be strong all the best peas to you