Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Family returning to normal

Hello prayer warriors, it's Alicia, I told you awhile back that I would get on here and post about our amazing journey with Cody, so here I am. I'm really not sure where to start. Cody is home with me and is doing amazing. He was released from physical therapy yesterday but still needs to do speech therapy to work on his vocal cords, still don't know about permanent damage to them yet so please pray that they heal, but if they are damaged we are so fortunate that that is the worst we are dealing with. Praise be toGod!!! Please remember to always give thanks when you pray, even God likes to hear once in awhile that HE is doing a great job!!!! We as a family are trying to return to a normal lifestyle , not sure what that is anymore, but we are trying. Still have this overwhelming feeling of uneasyness all the time. They say that it will a long time before that will go away, if ever. I know God has blessed us with Cody's survival but am so scared most of the time, I can't look at him or touch him enough. I can't imagine him not being here. We watched a some dr show the other night and it had one of the casts dying and had to leave the room , was too close to the heart, I try not to let Cody know how my heart still aches with fear, because we are trying to act " normal" but I don't know what that is anymore. I know God has a plan for our family and I also know that WAITING is the hardest thing to do but am so afraid to let my guard down it's like i'm waiting for the next thing to happen. Does any of this make since??? Sounds like rambling doesn't it? I have been given the GREASTEST gift from GOD , My son and yet I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop as the saying goes, Dr's say you go thru a crazy emotional roller coaster after a tragedy, had no idea it would be this crazy. I just start crying for no reason and can't seem to stop, my tear factory should be dry by now. I would like to thank each of you for what you have done for Cody, all the prayers and posts helped us more then i can express.God heard you . I have talked to the two families that we have become close to while at the hospital and both their loved ones are doing better, Debbie Huggins has started breathing on her own, Dr.'s said it would take a miracle to save her, Aleshia Fadley is still waiting for 2nd liver but she is holding on . You have been heard again keep them in your prayers , they , the families, think Cody's prayer warriors has the red line phone to God , HA HA we know it's just God using us to reach them. Just another of the amazing things we have had the privilage to witness thru all of this. Jax is due any time , we are anxious to meet the special guy. we will post pics as soon as he arrives so keep checking the blog, I know we went fro hourly post to random postings but this is good, Cody's healing is at a point were he needs time to heal and get stronger but we will update as soon anything changes. Thank you again for all that each of you has done for us, you may say I really didn't do anything but you did you said a prayer, made a phone call, posted encouragment, those things gave us strength to keep going, as a mom I was so afraid God wouldn't hear our 15 or 20 prayers to save Cody then Jen would say mom we have this many people looking at the blog and saying a prayer and it gave me hope that with that many prayers being said at the same time it must be a roar in God's ears, Thank you seems so small but it's all I have. We serve an awesome God, always remember that, Give thanks for the small things , fall on God for the big things, HE IS ALWAYS THERE, WE JUST NEED TO BE PATIENT!!!!!! heard a very good saying suday God's delay is not God's denial , something to think about!!! If you have never heard the song and even if you have , Thats what faith can do by kutless listen to it, but close your eyes and really listen, it says everything !! We are so lucky to have you to share our miracle, some we will never meet, but know we think of you everyday you have touched our hearts, We love you all . Praise be to God

Monday, May 10, 2010


I realized today that I've kind of left you all hanging! We are trying to get adjusted to being back at home. Being gone for 3 weeks really puts a damper on things. I can probably speak for everyone in the family when I say that my emotions have gone through a whirlwind the last month.

Cody is home and doing GREAT! He still gets tired more quickly then he used to. He went fishing Saturday with Dad! He was so glad to be out and get to go fishing again. Fishing is something we do quite a bit and for Cody to be able to head back out there is an abslute blessing. Last Sunday our community had a benifit for Cody and our family. I am so proud to be from this town. I could not ask for better neighbors, church family, friends, and community than what we have. The support that showed up was absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to be from Medford, Ok.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I think for our Mom it was a little more special. Having Cody with us and home meant to world to hear. No other gift would even compare. We spent the day yesterday as a family. We went to church, and hung out at our house playing Wii. Vanessa's mom,Sarah, came over and cooked enchiladas. The best we've ever had! Of course it was what Bubba requested!

As Cody's older sister and the peacemaker of the siblings, I've always been in the middle of Jessi and Cody's quarrels (and let me tell you, there were TONS!!). But we have not been closer than we are now. I'm still dealing with things that affected me when Mom walked in my front door and told me Cody had been electocuted. I can't look at my front door and not remember that scene. 30 seconds don't go by that I'm not replaying Thursday, April 15, 2010 in my mind. The day they told us that our Bubba had no brain activity and he was giving him until the next Monday to make improvements. Saturday Mike, Ady, and I went to Chickasha to watch Mike's brother Nate pitch his last college baseball game. As we were driving we passed a sign that said Binger, my heart sank and my stomach hurt like crazy. 4 miles south of Binger is where the accident happened. I cried to myself and prayed hard that God would heal my heart and give me the peace I need. My heart still hurts at those memories, but then Bubba walks into my kitchen and my heart smiles! I cannot thank God enough for the gift he has given us. He has a plan with Cody. We just have to sit back and watch what it is!

We are still waiting to hear about Cody's outpatient therapies. Some people that we needed to speak to have been on vacation. So hopefully we'll hear something this week.

I didn't mean to stop posting. Honestly, there has been so much to do around here that the computer is the last thing on my mind. Sorry! Once Cody's starts therapies I will post about how he's doing. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for Cody's complete healing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 8:00pm

We are finally home WITH Cody! He is so glad to be out of that hospital! They uncovered his burns and said that he can go without dressings!

He will have to continue his speech therapy as an outpatient. There are a few medications that he is still on and will be until he goes back to see his heart doctor in 3 months.

He was so happy to be home and see his dog, Dallas! I'm not sure who was more excited.

We are so thankful that not only is Cody home, but he is home pretty much the same as he was the morning of April 12.

Can you guess what he's going to do Saturday?........GO FISHING! HaHa!

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that Speech Therapy will be successful is strengthening his vocal cords and has not permanent damage. Also that in the next 3 months his heart will continue to heal so he can return to work! Cody loves what he does and can't wait to get back out there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is going to be a short post because we are headed to the city to get Cody. He is coming home today!!! YAY!!!! We are so excited. We never thought it would come this fast and are amazed that it did. Please thank God for what He's done before you continue to pray for Cody and the challenges he still faces.
Yay Yay Yay!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today was a busy day! Cody's benefit was this afternoon. They had a spaghetti dinner with every kind of pie you could think of! They also had a silent auction with various items and also auctioned off some other pies the ladies of the community made. I know they did this for our family to help with the expenses that are adding up from all the meals, hotel stays, and traveling we are doing. But not one time did money cross my mind while we were there. I could not get over the amount of people that came to show their support. I think I heard that around 315 people came and ate! That is absolutely amazing! That means that there have been that many prayers and more said for Cody! We got to talk with some wonderful friends who have been praying and thinking about us this whole time but haven't gotten a chance to come to the city to see Cody. We also got to listen to Lockers in the Hall play. They are a local christian group from here. Two of the boys go to the same church we do. They are amazing kids with awesome talent! Jessi videotaped the benefit so Cody can see just how awesome today was.

I knew Medford loved Cody but today really showed just how much. I wish I could have given every single person there a hug and thank them for coming but that didn't happen. So if you are reading this and I didn't get to thank you, please know that we do!

After the benefit we all drove down to the city and took Cody to eat at Ted's Mexican! Cody's favorite! It was so nice to eat together again as a family like we do so many Sunday afternoons before Cody heads back to work. After we ate we went to a small pond near the hospital. We fed the geese and perch and sat around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. This pond is where some of us went the Thursday we got the neurosurgeons opinion on Cody. We went to clear our minds and let Ady feed the geese. We cried and we laughed! Walking up to it today I had bittersweet emotions but no tears this time. I will never forget that day and often replay it in my mind. But today walking up there with Cody by our side was a whole different feeling. We have our outdoor loving Bubba back! He doesn't think he went far but he'll never know or understand what we went through. And I never want him to.

Cody has been doing more and more each day. He says he's sore! He did some balance excercises on a ball and has been doing some strength training. His voice is still hoarse. For those that haven't seen Cody lately I tell you who he sounds like....have you ever seen The Godfather? Cody sounds like Don Corleone!!!! Mike and Cody are loving it!!!! They both love that movie!

Please continue to pray that Cody's speech, balance, and brain continue to improve.