Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Family returning to normal

Hello prayer warriors, it's Alicia, I told you awhile back that I would get on here and post about our amazing journey with Cody, so here I am. I'm really not sure where to start. Cody is home with me and is doing amazing. He was released from physical therapy yesterday but still needs to do speech therapy to work on his vocal cords, still don't know about permanent damage to them yet so please pray that they heal, but if they are damaged we are so fortunate that that is the worst we are dealing with. Praise be toGod!!! Please remember to always give thanks when you pray, even God likes to hear once in awhile that HE is doing a great job!!!! We as a family are trying to return to a normal lifestyle , not sure what that is anymore, but we are trying. Still have this overwhelming feeling of uneasyness all the time. They say that it will a long time before that will go away, if ever. I know God has blessed us with Cody's survival but am so scared most of the time, I can't look at him or touch him enough. I can't imagine him not being here. We watched a some dr show the other night and it had one of the casts dying and had to leave the room , was too close to the heart, I try not to let Cody know how my heart still aches with fear, because we are trying to act " normal" but I don't know what that is anymore. I know God has a plan for our family and I also know that WAITING is the hardest thing to do but am so afraid to let my guard down it's like i'm waiting for the next thing to happen. Does any of this make since??? Sounds like rambling doesn't it? I have been given the GREASTEST gift from GOD , My son and yet I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop as the saying goes, Dr's say you go thru a crazy emotional roller coaster after a tragedy, had no idea it would be this crazy. I just start crying for no reason and can't seem to stop, my tear factory should be dry by now. I would like to thank each of you for what you have done for Cody, all the prayers and posts helped us more then i can express.God heard you . I have talked to the two families that we have become close to while at the hospital and both their loved ones are doing better, Debbie Huggins has started breathing on her own, Dr.'s said it would take a miracle to save her, Aleshia Fadley is still waiting for 2nd liver but she is holding on . You have been heard again keep them in your prayers , they , the families, think Cody's prayer warriors has the red line phone to God , HA HA we know it's just God using us to reach them. Just another of the amazing things we have had the privilage to witness thru all of this. Jax is due any time , we are anxious to meet the special guy. we will post pics as soon as he arrives so keep checking the blog, I know we went fro hourly post to random postings but this is good, Cody's healing is at a point were he needs time to heal and get stronger but we will update as soon anything changes. Thank you again for all that each of you has done for us, you may say I really didn't do anything but you did you said a prayer, made a phone call, posted encouragment, those things gave us strength to keep going, as a mom I was so afraid God wouldn't hear our 15 or 20 prayers to save Cody then Jen would say mom we have this many people looking at the blog and saying a prayer and it gave me hope that with that many prayers being said at the same time it must be a roar in God's ears, Thank you seems so small but it's all I have. We serve an awesome God, always remember that, Give thanks for the small things , fall on God for the big things, HE IS ALWAYS THERE, WE JUST NEED TO BE PATIENT!!!!!! heard a very good saying suday God's delay is not God's denial , something to think about!!! If you have never heard the song and even if you have , Thats what faith can do by kutless listen to it, but close your eyes and really listen, it says everything !! We are so lucky to have you to share our miracle, some we will never meet, but know we think of you everyday you have touched our hearts, We love you all . Praise be to God


  1. Alicia, God gave you a wondful gift of a healthy Cody. Just praise God daily and work to serve him always and you will not need to fear whatever he has in store for you or your family. God Bless you and your family. Evelyn Keith

  2. Nothing has ever touched my life like Cody's journey. We will never meet, but know that your family has made such an impact on my life. Your love and faith for God never waived. God is smiling down on your family and saying "job well done"! You will never have to wonder if you made a difference in someones life. I promise you did in mine. Bless your sweet hearts! Joni Slone