Monday, May 10, 2010


I realized today that I've kind of left you all hanging! We are trying to get adjusted to being back at home. Being gone for 3 weeks really puts a damper on things. I can probably speak for everyone in the family when I say that my emotions have gone through a whirlwind the last month.

Cody is home and doing GREAT! He still gets tired more quickly then he used to. He went fishing Saturday with Dad! He was so glad to be out and get to go fishing again. Fishing is something we do quite a bit and for Cody to be able to head back out there is an abslute blessing. Last Sunday our community had a benifit for Cody and our family. I am so proud to be from this town. I could not ask for better neighbors, church family, friends, and community than what we have. The support that showed up was absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to be from Medford, Ok.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I think for our Mom it was a little more special. Having Cody with us and home meant to world to hear. No other gift would even compare. We spent the day yesterday as a family. We went to church, and hung out at our house playing Wii. Vanessa's mom,Sarah, came over and cooked enchiladas. The best we've ever had! Of course it was what Bubba requested!

As Cody's older sister and the peacemaker of the siblings, I've always been in the middle of Jessi and Cody's quarrels (and let me tell you, there were TONS!!). But we have not been closer than we are now. I'm still dealing with things that affected me when Mom walked in my front door and told me Cody had been electocuted. I can't look at my front door and not remember that scene. 30 seconds don't go by that I'm not replaying Thursday, April 15, 2010 in my mind. The day they told us that our Bubba had no brain activity and he was giving him until the next Monday to make improvements. Saturday Mike, Ady, and I went to Chickasha to watch Mike's brother Nate pitch his last college baseball game. As we were driving we passed a sign that said Binger, my heart sank and my stomach hurt like crazy. 4 miles south of Binger is where the accident happened. I cried to myself and prayed hard that God would heal my heart and give me the peace I need. My heart still hurts at those memories, but then Bubba walks into my kitchen and my heart smiles! I cannot thank God enough for the gift he has given us. He has a plan with Cody. We just have to sit back and watch what it is!

We are still waiting to hear about Cody's outpatient therapies. Some people that we needed to speak to have been on vacation. So hopefully we'll hear something this week.

I didn't mean to stop posting. Honestly, there has been so much to do around here that the computer is the last thing on my mind. Sorry! Once Cody's starts therapies I will post about how he's doing. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for Cody's complete healing.


  1. Beautiful post Jen. I can tell you, you will never “forget” the moment of first hearing the news, but you will eventually bear it much easier, and see it as another mile marker in your journey with Christ. He has shown Himself faithful to your family as you demonstrated your faithfulness to Him. What a mighty God we serve and yours has been a journey of encouragement to so many others who sat by their computers day and night and monitored God's miracles, Cody's recovery and your strength. God bless each of you as you continue to serve Him with all your heart. I’m excited to see what God has in store for all of you.

    Grace and peace in Christ...

  2. Jen , Thank you for the update on Cody.I first started watching and praying after reading about the accident on the Basszone message board,when the your blog site was posted ,I followed Cody's progress and prayed along with you for the Wonderful Results that unbeknown to us at the time that God has surely Preformed in You all and Cody's Life. And it is Awesome to see what He has done! Thanks So Much For Sharing and for the update, I just got back to your blog after being really busy around here with our daughters graduation from McLoud High School last week. So the last that I had read was that Cody was home and hitting the water with "dad" .So Praise Our Lord and tell Cody that he has an ol' man in McLoud praying God's Continued Blessing On All Of You.