Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on our Miracle!!

Cody went and had a follow up with his cardiologist. She has released him! It just blows my mind that someone who was shocked with 12000 volts of electricity and then shocked an additional 3 times by medical personnel to keep his heart beating has no damage. There is only one explanation for this. Cody is a miracle only from God. Dr. Gibson (Cody's cardiologist) still wants him to take his Coreg because his heart is in a constant "fight or flight" response. Basically his heart is beating faster than it should because it thinks it's under stress. She wants to see him back in 9 months for a check-up. He will be back to work by then and she wants to do another EKG and see what his heart looks like after being back in his regular activities. But she has released him for work.

Cody has another appt October 14th with Dr. Dilling (ear, nose, and throat) to determine what the next step is with his vocal cords. He also goes October 19th to see Dr. Fraley (doctor from Jim Thorpe Rehab floor). She will go over his neuro evaluation. She is the last doctor that needs to release Cody in order for him to return to work.

I can't believe that he could be returning to work so soon. We've enjoyed having him so close for so long. I don't want to let him go! I thank God everyday for giving us this gift. So much has come from Cody's accident. Family means so much more and we take every opportunity to be with one another. God has shed so many different lights in our lives and we will be eternally greatful for that. God is amazing and will continue to do amazing things with Faith. We never lost faith and neither should anybody else. Thank each of you for following and praying and I'll update after Cody's next appointments.