Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30

Cody is still improving. Each day his balance gets better and better. He gets around better each day. His occupational therapist took Cody and a few other patients out to lunch at On The Border. Cody was so glad to be able to get out of the hospital!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Cody and Vanessa's baby shower for Jax! I will not be going to see Cody but Mom is going to go in the morning and spend the day with him. Vanessa and Jessi are going to see him after the shower. Sunday is Cody's benefit dinner here in Medford. Our church family and community have been amazing to us since the second it happened. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful tight-knit community. I know Cody is special and loved by so many but if this were any other person from the community I know we would be doing the same thing.

My heart has such joy when I see what is happening because of Cody's accident. I am so glad that this horrible thing that turned our lives upside down has brought people closer to Jesus and maybe even found him for the first time. There's no way you cannot believe in miracles and Our God who creates them. Just look at our Cody Joe!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 9:30pm

Cody can now have liquids! His vocal cords are strong enough to where they think he can drink liquids and not risk harm to his lungs! He's so glad to be able to drink water and gatorade without that nasty thickening stuff in it! Tomorrow Mike, Ady and I are going to go see Bubba and we are going to stop and get him a Big Gulp!!!!

His therapy sessions went well again today. He said he got a real good workout this morning! He's ready to start lifting weights!

The therapists don't expect him to be there past next week! We can't wait to have him home with us. We miss him. I know my life has changed so much these past 2 1/2 weeks. My eyes have been opened to the love that is around me. Even from people who I never thought cared about our family. We have been blessed with an amazing community!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28-9:00pm

Today Cody started his therapy sessions with Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. He was glad to get up and get busy. He got to go outside today! He was so happy about that! He also said he rode a bike for 8 minutes. I told him I don't think I could ride a bike for 8 minutes without my legs killing me!

He's so ready to come home. We can't wait for him to be home!

They recommend him not having visitors until after 4. That's when he's done with therapies for the day generally.

Cody's short term memory is still poor. His days are so long because his sense of time is gone. We went to get him some stuff at Target that he needed and he thought we had been gone for hours!

Cody is doing amazingly well but he still has some issues that need prayers. His balance is poor, his short term memory is poor, and he still needs speech therapy. We thank you for praying! I know I say that every post but I don't think we could say it enough.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 4:00pm

Cody is now in Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation in room 364. They do not expect him to be here more than a couple of weeks! They will do no less than 3 hours a day of therapy with him. He's so ready, he's tired of being weak!

I won't be on here as much to do updates. Since I won't be around the computer that much. Probably just once a day.

Please continue to pray that Cody progresses quickly through rehab. He's gonna be worn out in here but that's what he wants! He says he's ready to sweat!!!

They recommend visitors to come after 4. That's when they quit therapies for the day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, April 26, 9:00pm

Not much of an update this evening. Cody will be moved down to either the 3rd floor or the 6th floor to Jim Thorpe Rehab in the morning. Depending on open beds, Cody's nurse wants to do it as soon as possible to get Cody going! He's so ready to get out of the hospital! He's been awake and remembering things for about 3 days now and is already getting cabin fever. I couldn't imagine what he'd be like if he would have been awake for his whole stay!

Cody memory and vision get better each day. Cody remembers Easter and so far that has been the latest thing he remembers. Which was the weekend before the accident. His short term memory is still poor, but improving slightly. I think I've told him every day that Dez Bryant is still a Cowboy and he gets just as excited each time!!!!

We don't know what the next few days hold for us here. Cody will not be able to have the visitors like he's been getting. They want to work him hard and then let him rest. I, Jennifer, will be in with Cody during Rehab since I have a therapy background and I will most likely be Cody's primary caregiver while at home before he returns to work. When we know more of what's going on I will post on here and let everyone know.

Our Miracle and Our Hero!

Travis Walker is the man who saved our Bubba and our CJ! We can't thank this man enough for what he has done. He will forever hold a place in our hearts. Cody was so glad to finally be able to thank him personally. Thank you Travis!

Monday, April 26, 3:30pm

Cody got his chest x-ray back and it is mostly clear. Dr. Huff has discharged his breathing treatments. Speech therapy came in and still wants him on at least nectar consistency. Still no water! He's still pretty weak in there! His appetite gets more and more at each meal. Cody got accepted to Jim Thorpe Rehab. We are just waiting on a call to say when! When the person from Jim Thorpe came to assess Cody and he could not belive what he saw! He read his chart for almost an hour and expected to come in here and see Cody laying in bed not able to half the stuff he's doing. They discharge people who aren't even near Cody's progression stage. The main reason they want him in there is to help on cognitive and balance, and speech issues. Cody's not too thrilled because he thinks he can do this from home or even do it out-patient. They feel it would benefit Cody being close to his doctors here and he'd of course get the best care possible

So we have gone from doing everything for Cody just a few days ago to sitting back and letting him do it on his own. I am absolutely amazed at what I see sitting in the bed in front of me. I can't thank the Lord enough for answering our prayers.

We learned today from one of the guys on Cody's crew that there was about a 6 foot fire ball surrounding Cody. How is that possible? He's not burned! Cody was delivered through the fire!

Thank you Lord!

Monday, April 26 8:30am

Cody got a little rest last night. Each night he gets a little more than the last. He is talking a little better. He has a little sound to go with his whisper! His appetite is increasing each day also.

They came and did a chest x-ray this morning. Dr. Hough (pulmonologist) will look at those this morning. Speech Therapy will be up again today to evaluate Cody and see is possibly he can can fluids. Someone from Jim Thorpe Rehab will be up to look at Cody's chart to get him into in-patient rehab.

Cody cannot wait to get out of this bed and this hospital. He wants to start working out! He is very weak and can't wait to start rehab.

We continue to thank you for your prayers and support. Without them Cody wouldn't be here with us. God saved Cody, you prayed to God. We thank you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday, April 25-10:00am

Cody was able to get some sleep last night. They come in for breathing treatments every 4 hours so he slept in between those.

Cody is even stronger today. He sat up and ate breakfast and looks much better today. He fed himself very well. He's been watching Sportscenter all morning. He's waiting on the Nascar race to start!

He started to check the emails on his phone and got through a few and then his vision started to get blurry.

Today is going to be a great day! Praise the Lord for our miracles.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 24--9:30

Not much of an update. Cody is still doing well. His only bother is his bed. He's extremely uncomfortable. We piled on some blankets for him to lay on so hopefully that will help him. He's beginning to act really sleepy so we are going to head to the hotel for the night and let Cody try and get some sleep. Jessi and Ryan are on duty tonight!

He got a shower today and feels much better. We got to see some wonderful friends and family today and they got to see Cody and hear him talk. It's absolutely amazing and makes you a believer.

Please continue to pray. Cody is not near 100% but we know he will be in God's time.

Pics of Cody today! April 24, 2010

Ady reading a book to Bubba! Cody eating his first real meal! This was last night.
Cody walking down the hall!
This is our walking, talking, eating miracle! You all have made this possible! We are so grateful for having Cody Joe with us! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Saturday, April 24--10:00am

Cody had another restless night. He maybe got 2 hours of sleep. Physical therapy came and took him for a walk down to the end of the hall and back. She said he did much better today with his balance. He can see the tv from his bed. That is a HUGE improvement from a few days ago. His voice is still hoarse. They just pulled his catheter! YAY! He was so ready for that thing to be out! They are going to talk with Wound Care about covering his wounds so he can take a shower or a bath.

He nurse from the ER when they brought him in on the ambulance comes up every few days. She is amazing! Cody actually got to meet her and talk to her today. We have been so grateful for the care Cody has gotten while here.

Please continue to pray for Cody's 100% healing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23--9:30 pm

Cody continued to have a good evening Dru and Dee brought him some popsicles and he wants them NOW. Says the fridge isn't cold enough.

His bed is so uncomfortable for him. He just wiggles around all the time!

He is resting now and finally fallen asleep. We told him he's probably going to have alot of people come see him this weekend so he better get rested up!

When the respiratory therapist came to give him his breathing treatment he said that Cody's room has more cards in it then he's ever seen! We hang up each and every card that is sent to Cody. Today he has shown interst in reading them. We love you all for sending them.

Please keep praying..Please Keep Praying... Please Keep Praying.

Friday, April 23--7:00pm

Today has been a great day with Cody. He is speaking sentences and you can have conversations with him. His memory is better than it was yesterday and his vision is a tad better. He still has a long ways to go though. He's gotten up many times to sit in the chair.

His bed is way to short so it takes him a while to get comfortable. He sat up in the chair this evening and ate roast, mashed potatoes, and chocolate pudding. He wants to drink just a straight gatorade so bad! We have to thicken it though because they don't want to take the chance of him aspirating. Cody's sense of humor definitely stayed with him! He's been cracking us up.

Wayland and his wife and brother-in-law came by to see Cody and Cody was so glad to see them. Cody works with Wayland and is pretty close to their family.

I asked Cody if he remembers anything when he was in his coma and he thought he was in Vegas working as a pilot!!!! LOL!

Cody still asks many times about the accident. He is remorseful. Thinks it was his fault.

Cody also wants to see Travis (man who performed CPR) really bad. Wants to thank him for saving his life.

Our prayers are being answered one by one! Cody has only begun this journey of healing so we still have to prayer for Cody. His vision is still blurry. But God will heal him in time.

We are much more comfortable in Cody's single room. We LOVED his nurses in the ICU but are glad to have moved on!

It was such a blessing to get to watch Cody eat dinner and sit in his chair and have a conversation.

Friday, April 23-- 12:00

Cody had another restless night. Didn't sleep much. His speech is improving more each day. We definietly know he recognizes Mom, Jessi, Reese, Vanessa, Ady, and I. You can tell he missed the kids!

He is still frustrated because he is so thirsty. He just wants one drink!!!

Monday they are going to send someone from Jim Thorpe rehab to look over his chart and get him set up with in-patient rehab. We are excited about this. He will get a total of 3 hours of rehab a day. He told us this morning that he wants to get up and practice walking!

His vision is still blurry.

Cody just came back from swallow test. IT WENT GOOD! They are fixing to take out feeding tube. He can be on the consistency of tomato juice for a few days! He wants a milkshake!!! Thank you Lord. This is one step closer to the end!

Please keep praying for his vision and his body to heal 100%!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22--9:00pm

Cody is in room 933 now! Yay! No more ICU! His doctor thinks this will be the best thing for him. His speech is coming back. He has asked for water, he's very thirsty but they can't give him any water until his swallow test, which is in the morning. They are hoping to get feeding tube out. His vision is still blurry. That is frustrating him pretty bad.

His lungs sound good! He's still coughing stuff up. But he's getting it up! He keeps asking for water and when he's told he has to wait he says "You're killing me, with a few choice words"!!!!

Please pray for calming and peace on Cody. He keeps asking where he is. His short term memory is gone. He asks what happened and if it was his fault. Please pray that God calms Cody's nervers and gives him the assurance he needs to get through this. Please pray that Cody's vision continues to get better.

Thank you so much for praying. They are working but Cody still needs lots more. This is just the beginning of what's to come.

Thursday, April 22--9:30am

Cody got a little rest last night. They are getting ready to give him a bath. He gets really scared if his immediate family is not in there. So we are going to start taking shifts sitting with him.

They are going to move him to an intermediate room on 9 west today. I will post on the blog what his room number is. He will be able to have visitors in there. Dr. Hough was by this morning and said moving Cody will be the best thing for him. His chest x-ray is much improved. They have backed off on the Lasix a bit.

This morning we were all in there and Cody was saying something. It took us a few times to understand what he was saying and Dad said "Water"! Cody shook his head yes! He then told us he's thirsty! It's a swhisper but his brain is telling him when he's thirsty!!! He was saying something else a few minutes later and it was "why"? Mom told him he was in an accident. He asked "Why" again. Mom told him he was electocuted but he's going to be ok. She told him she doesn't really know alot about it that his guys he works with will be here this weekend and they will explain it to him. I felt so bad for him.

God is continuing to amaze us! We are in AWE!!! Praise God for this. Please continue to pray that God heals Cody's brain.

Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 21--9:30pm

Robert Lee walked into Cody's room this evening and said hi to Cody and Cody reached his arm out to give him a hug! Cody has amazing friends. They have been here through it all. Even if they can't be here physically they make sure Cody knows they are thinking of him. This evening before we went to dinner the nurse asked Cody to raise his right arm, left arm, left leg, right leg. He did them all! She asked him to hold up 2 fingers. And he did!!! These are all amazing things to us! We laughed today saying that it's like watching your baby do these things for the first time!

He's very restless right now. And has been most of the day. He won't rest and sleep. If Mom, Dad, Vanessa, Jessi, or I are in the room with him he's much better. He pulled his feeding tube out while we were out to dinner.

They are talking like they are going to put him in a room on the west end of the 9th floor. Each day is a day of new beginnings for Cody. And it's exciting to watch him do the things he does, like swallowing and blowing his nose to simply giving me a kiss goodnight. Those are moments that I will forever cheris. I will never let a day go by that I don't tell my loved ones that I love them. Life is so much more precious to me now.

Our Lord is amazing! Please continue to pray for Cody's brain to heal completely. As I'm finishing up this blog update, Ady and Reese have just been bathed and are playing in the hotel room. Ady is singing "Jesus Loves Me" and Reese is clapping for her. How fitting!

Wednesday, April 21-5:30 pm

We got the CT Scan results and they came back normal. Cody continues to amaze us! Please keep praying. They will possibly get him in a room sometime tomorrow. He's pretty much the same as before. Just wanted to update about the CT Scans. Please pray for his brain to continue to heal and his funstions to restore.

Wednesday, April 21--11:30am

Physical therapy was just in and you'll never believe what he just did! He walked all the way around the ICU!!! They told him he needed to stand up straight and not slouch and he stood straight up. Mom had walked in and saw him, he walked to her and pulled her closer to give her a hug. All the nurses, not even Cody's were all crying! Mom came out and got us so we could go back and see him. When we got back there he was back in bed sitting up. I walked in and he reached his arm out and gave me a hug and rubbed my shoulder. Ady and Reese gave him kisses and he hugged them. Vanessa walked in and he reached for her and gave her a hug. Then Dad walked in and I told him that Dad was in there and Bubba reached for him also! Our hearts have so much joy in them right now. I told him that made our day and my heart is smiling.

Speech therapy hasn't been in yet. We told him that when they can get the feeding tube out that him and Ady will have to share popsicles! He cracked a smile! Him and Ady go through a big box of freeze pops in just a few days! He doesn't want to be left alone. He's so tired but he's afraid to fall asleep!

Praise God for what he's done! There is now a walking miracle in 901 Bed 7!!!

We still have not heard results from the CT scan. Thank God for your prayers!

Wednesday, April 21--9:30am

Cody was very restless through the night. The nurse called Mom around 2:15 and asked if she would maybe come sit with him hoping that would calm him down. He just seems so uncomfortable, constantly moving his legs, bending his knees up and down and lifting his head up. This morning they are going to give him a bath before speech and physical therapy come in. They haven't given him Morphine because they want him alert as much as he can be for the therapists. When asked if he's in pain he shakes no.

We have met a family in here who has a loved one that had a baby Friday. She was admitted into the same ICU as Cody yesterday with post-partum cardiac arrest. Her family is facing some tough issues. She isn't married so the father of the baby wants to take the baby and turn her machines off. Our hearts go out for this young lady. Please pray for peace amongst them and a healthy recovery for the mother.

Please continue to pray for Cody. Please pray his brain continues to heal. That his eyesight continues to get better, and his speech and alertness will also improve. We are still witnessing miracles. God is amazing!

Please continue to pray for our unlce Greg and his wife Becky. Brinley was born at 7:41am. She is having some trouble breathing. Please pray for them.

We love you all for praying!

"Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear: then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard." Isaiah 58:8

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20- 10:00pm

Cody had his CT Scan tonight. We won't hear back on that until tomorrow. Dr. Lawton will look at it. Please pray that he sees improvement. He is becoming more alert. He hasn't talked yet but his throat is really sore. We have asked him if he knew who we were, he will nod yes or no. So far he seems to recognize people. It seems to take him a little bit to process what he's asked.

Today has been another day of blessings. We have met some people that in some way have a connection to Cody or someone we know. Only God can sprinkle these people in our lives. They have been such a blessing to talk to.

I have some very exciting news!!!!! Greg and Becky (aunt and uncle) have been admitted into St. Mary's hospital. They are having Brinley Nicole Burt! She will be here soon. Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl. Please pray for Becky's safety also. Greg needs a prayer for strength and wisdom to help Becky through this! Yay! I'm so excited. I can't wait to hold this baby girl!

Please continue to pray. Cody needs them. He's fighting but he needs help and only one man can give him that help!

April 20- 6:30pm

Cody was supposed to go down for his CT Scan but a higher priority patient came in so he got bumped. It'll be after shift change when and if they do it. Yesterday he couldn't follow the nurses finger in front of him but today he did! It was amazing to see his Baby Blues wide open. He has been bending his knees like crazy and adjusting his upper body trying to get comfortable. Karla told him to behave and he's had his warning about getting out of bed. Physical therapy had him at the edge of the bed but he had just gotten some Morphine so he was pretty wobbly. Speech was also there today doing the swallow test. They asked him to bite down on a spoon and he did. His throat is still pretty soar so they left the feeding tube in him for now.

We just got back from taking Ady and Reese back there. The nurses said what they saw was amazing. He did so well with having them back there. We told him Reese was blowing him kisses and Cody puckered his lips!! We cheered and got excited like we had won the Super Bowl!!!!! They told us to do it a few times a day because it is great therapy.

God is amazing and I see just how so when I step into Cody's room. Your prayers are working. Please keep praying. Pray that Cody becomes more alert and begins to speak. We aren't pushing any of this because we know he needs time and rest. Getting him convinced to rest has been difficult! He's says he's not tired but he can barely keep his eyes open! We love God for answering our prayers and we love each of you for praying. Please continue!

Tuesday, April 20--11:00am

Cody just got a bath. He let Carla shave him! She said he kept saying something that sounded like dallas she thought. Carla asked him "dog"? And he shook his head yes. He misses his puppy!!! They are going to send a speech therapist do a swallowing test and if he tolerates that well they will remove his feeding tube. They will let us feed him if this happens. Grandma Jane and I went back a little bit ago before his bath and when Grandma started talking he popped his eyes open WIDE! We were so excited to see his baby blues! It's been a while! Mom said he yawned a few times.

I just realized that I'm writing a blog about my baby brother yawning! But things like this are so exciting to us. We saw him absolutely lifeless a week ago.

We respect his neurologist and know he is giving us the information that he has been given. But we all know Cody and he will prove these people wrong.

God has placed people in our lives this past week that have been amazing to us. Just a few minutes ago Jessi, Grandma Jane, and I were in the elevator and a lineman who works for AEP/PSO was in there. He has also been electocuted. He asked what bed Cody was in because he wanted to let him know he'd be ok. Another man came into the waiting room and was sitting with us. We began to talk to him and he is hear seeing his mother. His mom knows J.D Edmondson from Medford. Such a small world.

Please continue to pray for Cody. He is making tiny tiny steps up huge huge hills.

Tuesday, April 20--8:30am

Cody came off the Cpap machine around midnight. He only has a nasal canula in and is on 4% oxygen. Lieda, his nurse, said he had been waking up around every 30-45 minutes and moving around a little. So it sounds like he didn't get much sleep. Dr. Hough, pulmonologist, has already been by and he was pleased with Cody's progress breathing wise. They gave him more Lasix, mainly for a preventive measure to make sure no more fluid collects on his lungs. He will continue to monitor him closely through the day. He tries to talk but not much comes out. It's a real light whisper. He's still not out of it. It exhausts him to even open his eyes. Please pray that God wakes him up and brings him back to us. The neurologist was in and pretty much said the same thing as yesterday. I guess he doesn't realize that it's all in God's time not his time!!! He is sweating again this morning, so hopefully that means his body is trying to regulate his temperature. His vision still is not really there. We don't think he can see us. He has this glazed look about him. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you Lord for controlling Cody's breathing. Please continue to pray God heals Cody's body and he wakes up to us. It's all in Your time. Please keep praying...please keep praying..please keep praying.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19-10:00 pm

Cody is still off the vent. He has been having some problems breathing so they put him on a cpap machine to help him. He seems to be doing better with that. He still could go back on the vent at any time. He has been having troubles taking slow, deep breaths. If you stand beside him and coach him he does better. He still has fluid on hig lungs. They gave him more lasix and that seems to help. He is putting out quite a bit of urine so that's good. He's also coughing and that's getting it loose. He is still following commands. They didn't do the CT Scan today because they thought it would be to much for him being that today they took the vent off. Dr. Gibson talked about getting Cody into his own room once his breathing is under control. His fever got up to 102 tonight but he was sweating. They are hoping the sweating is his bodies natural way of breaking the fever. They gave him more Morphine to relax him. He breathing is really good when he's relaxed. He proved to me that he knows me. I was talking to him and told him I was going back to the waiting room and I loved him so much. I walked out of the room and he sat up in bed and bent his knee up. I ran back in and told him that I wasn't leaving him. My heart smiled even though he was more than likely really scared.

Tonight the nurse said he had his right hand in front of his face and was looking at it. Then he was looking at the pictures that we put on a cork board for him. It's still a waiting game for him to come out of this fully. We pray that his breathing gets under control and he begins to take more baby steps. We are so proud of him and love him so much. The Lord wanted Cody back with us and we are so grateful for that. We are also grateful for the prayers that have been lifted up to God. Please continue.

Cody's Senior Panel

For those of you who aren't from Medford and didn't go to the art show at the end of the school year when Cody graduated haven't seen this. Ms. Almond has had this since Cody graduated. She wouldn't even let Mom have it! Thursday Caled Goodman came into the waiting room with it. We were speechless! She gave it to Caleb to bring to Cody because "He's served his time with her, now it's time for Him to be with Cody." He is sitting beside Cody's bed. His doctors and nurses asked where we got it! They didn't realize Cody has this much talent! They have been telling all their co-workers and people from all different floors have been coming by to see Cody's painting. Cody has so much talent! This has been amazing to walk into his room and know and see that Christ is present. We cannot thank Ms. Almond enough for letting us have this painting. It's nice to see Cody's work.


Good morning believers, we are sooooo excited by Cody's progress, seeing God perform his miracles on Cody is truelly amazing. These are baby steps but he died on Monday so everything we see is only a miracle, no other explanation can be given. We went to the chapel here in the church yesterday for service and the minister was called away on an emergency so he asked us to pray for man in emergency and would be back as soon as he could. We prayed , did our own impromptu service and was just talking when he returned saying the man's heart started, PRAISE GOD !!!!! He asked if he could go ahead with his service and we told him certainly we would love it. GOD GAVE US THE MESSAGE WE NEEDED it was from John 21 and the point he wanted us to remember was PRESENSE and PATIENTS God is always present and we must be patient, not easy for a momma that was told we needed to prepare ourself for Cody's death!!!!!! I refused to believe that my baby wasn't in there, I knew he was, I could feel it. When we get cody out of the woods I will post a blog describing the whole nightmare , just have trouble focusing on this when he is having difficulties. Please continue to pray for his recovery, we have such a very long way to go. Dr. Gidson stopped by and said that they are going to move him to the west wing as soon as he tolerates breathing more. He is no longer a considered cardiac critical, that itself is a miracle, his heart was electrified 4 times and has no damage!!!!! how can that be?????? We know don't we fellow believers GOD DID THAT.Dr Gibson said the west wing had been calling here and asking when they get him, they want to be a part of the miracle we are a witness to!!!!! I am so blessed to have been a part of this miracle . Keep witnessing the glories of our awesome GOD, Keep praying that his breathing improves, even if he has to go back on the ventilator he went awhile without it , BABY STEPS. THANK YOU THANK to EVERYONE who has said 1 prayer, said 1 thank you to the Lord, contributed to our stay or just thought of us. Wish I could thank you each myself. We love you all and sooooo glad you are sharing our miracle.

Monday, April 19- 9:30am

They have pulled Cody off the vent. He is having some trouble breathing. The doctor said there is a possibility that he could go back on it today. We pray that they don't have to do that. Pray that he starts to get used to breathing on his own. It will be very hard on him if they have to reinsert the tube.

We had stepped back there and was standing by the desk talking to his neurologist, Dr. Lawton. I was watching Cody and the respiratory therapist was giving him a breathing treatment. She asked him if he was having troubles breathing, he shook his head yes. She then asked him if this was helping and he shook his head no.

The nuerologist said he was pleasently suprised by Cody. He was still reserved, said he still should be doing more. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT????? I know he's just doing his job! He can't give us false hope. They are concerned about his vision. He's not focusing very well. He seems to think his body is holding on to medicine longer then it should. They are sending him for a CT Scan today to check that out.

Carla, his day nurse, asked him if he wanted some more Morphine. Cody shook his head side to side. Not just a head shake -they don't think he wants any of it anymore because it makes him groggy and makes him sleep. He wants to be awake so bad.

We are praying they don't have to intebate him again. And he tolerates his breathing well. We also pray the CT Scan comes back good.

His fever has gone down. So the antibiotics are working. God is amazing!

We praise You Lord because, "you are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples." Psalm 77:14

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18--10:30pm

We are back at hotel for night. Cody got his bath early and they gave him more morphine to help him be more comfortble. When the nurse (Lieda) was bathing him she asked him "Cody, Do you want me to shave you?" He shook his head no! She said "I shaved you Thursday and I did a good job" He still shook his head no! Little things like this give us hope that his brain is slowly healing. We will know more for sure tomorrow when his neurologist comes to evaluate him. We must pray that his infection and fever go away. When his fever gets up he is less responsive, very lethargic.

Again, each day we are amazed at the messages, texts, phone calls, e-mails, and visitors that are sent for Cody. It is really awesome to sit back and watch God work. It's hard trust me, but you have to have faith that our God is good and will heal Cody all in His time.

I know my life has completely taken a different perspective on things. The little things that I used to worry and get upset about are nothing compared to what I have gone through the past week. I cheris every moment that I have with my amazing family. Aunt Linda said today that when Cody comes home we are going to have to start getting together all as a family alot more often. We have enjoyed each others company in this time and also realized how strong our faith is and how much we love each other.

Please pray for the things that I've told you that are hindering Cody right now. But also praise Him for the miracles he's already performed. Good night.

April 18--5:30pm

A nuerologist was in to see Cody not to long ago and he asked him to open and close his eyes he did both. He shined a light in his eyes and he wrinkled up his face. This nueologist wasn't the original one and he said when doctor Lawton comes in tomorrow he will be pleseantly suprised! Thank you Lord! Thank you for those who are praying! They did a culture on the sputum from his lungs and it has active infection. They started him on antibiotics. They are hoping the fever he has is contributed to the infection. He breathes better when his fever isn't high. He is breathing on his own. He is still on the vent but he is doing the breathing. It is giving him some pressure because with the tube down him it's like breathing through a straw. They gave him some morphine a couple hours ago and he has been resting really good. It seemed to ease his discomfort.

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and giving us these miracles. We praise you and give you glory! You are the healer!

Please continue to pray! We need them!

April 18, 11:00am

This morning Cody was pretty aggitated. They suspended his vent this morning and he lasted about an hour. He then spiked a fever and became pretty aggitated and his O2 sats started to come down so they turned his vent back on. Today we ask that we make sure to pray for Cody's fever. Pray that it will stay down. His fever started to go up and that makes makes his O2 come down and he gets aggitated. They don't know what's causing the fever. His white blood cell was a little elevated so the nurses are going to talk with doctors about putting him on antibiotics to prevent anything further.

We have become friends with a family that has a loved one next to Cody and we share waiting rooms with them. We have added her to our prayer list and ask you say a prayer for her as well. Her name Sharon Huggins. Her husband actually graduated high school with Jennifer's father-in-law. What a small world! They are a wonderful family and we have shared our faith with them. In church service this morning we met a mother and father of a 27 year old women who is waiting on her second liver transplant. They are a very faithful family is desperate need of prayer for their young daughter. We have added her as well to our prayers. She is a dance instructor with a 7 year old daughter. Her name is Alisha Fadely.

Please pray for Cody's brain to continue to heal and for his fever to come down and for him to get some rest.

They are limiting his stimulation again today. So I'm putting on my big girl pants and only being with him briefly to let him know I'm here and I love him!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17- 10:00pm

We have come back to the hotel for the night. We left Cody a little earlier than usaul. He had such a big night last night and day today that Cody's nurse wants to give Cody as much rest as possible. We won't be going in until 8 in the morning. Hopefully we can get some rest also. Cody's status is the same as before. Will open eyes, squeeze hands, wiggle toes, move head, and open mouth to request. He as shook his head yes, and lifted his head up from the bed. These are only small minute steps that hopefully mean good things. We still don't know much about his brain and won't until his EEG on Monday.

He is still on the ventilator, it is set on 10 breaths and Cody gives the rest. His breaths go anywhere from 15-30 depending on if he is resting or aggitated. The respiratory crew think he is ready to be weaned off that. They will begin that tomorrow.

His night nurse for last night and tonight is a male nurse by the name Blake Chelf. He is from Kremlin, Ok! He knows Christy Kelley, a great family friend! His respiratory therapist is from Pond Creek! What a small world. His care team is amazing. They share scriptures with us and can't believe how strong our faith is. It's only getting stronger! This is just the beginning of our journey with God!

We hear the praise service that was held at our home church in Medford was absolutely amazing! We can't express how grateful we are that there are so many people that love Cody enough to do this. We always knew he was special but not this special!

Please continue to pray. I know I tell you that at every post but we really need them now. So much is happening. So many people are seeing and hearing God's word in this hospital. Cody's fighting but he still needs time to heal. Praise Jesus! We are so thankful for all the prayers that keep flooding God's ears! Pray for another good night!

Praise him praise him

Hello precious friends this is Alicia , Cody's mom. We have had some very encouraging news today. I want each and every one of you to take a moment and Praise our savior for the miracle we are witnessing, and believe me believers it is amazing. The lord is definitly in our presence. The family in the waiting room across the hall are amazed by our belief in God, Cody's nurses are so inspired by us, but we know it's not us but God!!!! he is everywhere. It is such a comfort to just see his eye's, it is like whn he was born and seeing him for the first time, oh how my heart soared. Please please please don't let up on those prayers because they are working we see them but for as excited as we are, Cody still has a very very long way to go. I wish each of you could see this young man fight, It is soooo inspiring. People are asking how I'm doing and please know that I am doing ok, terrified but ok. Everytime we step out to get air and my phone rings this unbelievable terror grips me.Will it ever stop???? I'm not thinking so. I'll try to describe what we are experiencing when we see him. Every 2 hours, thats when they turn him and do what they need to him and we get to touch and talk to him them, I told him if he didn't wake up soon he was going to be bald headed, he likes his head rubbed so I do it everytime i see him, the nurse then will ask him to squeeze her hand or asks him to wiggle his toes, HE DOES it is the most amazing sight, we are witnessing a miracle a true testamonial to Gods amazing grace. we usually get a few more minutes when they are finished with their assessments and we reassure him that we are there and that he was in an accident and in a hospital. He has such a scared look on his face , it breaks my heart that I can't just make this easier for him.ALL IN GODS TIME is our slogan here. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD HE REIGNS FROM HEAVEN ABOVE, that song keeps playing in my head today. I awoke at 3:30 this morning with the hymn PRAISE HIM PRAISE HIM in my head so I immediately began to thank God for the works we have witnessed and then began to give him list # 2 L et cody grow stronger, put a healing hand on his brain, and calm him in his wakeful moments, please give strength to the soooooo very people who are praying for him , they are truelly your children LORD . It's almost time to see Cody so will close for now. We love each and everyone of you , some we know some we don't and wish we did, Hugs to everyone.

Something to look at

Our good family friend Shari England has a blog of her own and has posted something on Cody. She is a wonderful women and friend. She tells a story of Cody when he was younger. It lifted our spirits and put smiles on our faces. We love you Shari and thank you dearly for posting this.

Praise Service for Cody!

Everybody and Your friend,
You are invited for a praise service tonight to worship and adore Jehovah God, the God who heals. Come tonight to lift your hearts before God in song and to pray for Cody's continued healing, thanking Him for all the good He has done and will continue to do. Grab all your friends and bring them with you to the First Christian Church, Medford, 7:00pm

Tears flow on our face when we read the email that this was going to take place. Again, we are overwhelmed by the outpour of love for Cody. If you do not live in or near Medford please have your own praise service for Cody tonight. We will have one here. We will continue to pray over Cody and ask God to continue his mighty works.

April 17-12:00pm

We are pretty much on a schedule of seeing him every 2 hours. That is how often the nurses go and work with him so that is when we go in there. When the neurologist came in and did his evaluation Cody only scored a 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. Just a few minutes ago Cody scored an 8!!! PRAISE GOD FOR IMPROVEMENTS! At a 3 he had absolutely no brain activity. We had to actually think about one day having to turn his vent off. That is something noone should ever have to think about. We actually are seeing improvements that give us hope that there is brain activity starting to happen. The scale goes up to a 15 so by no means are we in the clear. Cody could still have residual brain damage we don't know yet. Please pray that he continues to improve. Please pray that God continues to heal his brain.

We are off to eat lunch. We will see him again at 2. Please Pray, Please Pray, Please Pray.

Saturday, April 17--7:30am

We woke up this morning and Mom called up to the hospital and talked to the night nurse. Cody is responding to commands! He will follow you around the room and squeeze your hand. Mom went back there around 6:45 this morning and he was resting so she didn't talk to him. Last night he had opened his eyes and squeezed Jessi's hand! I didn't post that last night because we are too scared to get excited. The doctors keep telling us that we can't be sure yet. Those are just their opinions and our faith is much stronger than any doctor can ever know. God has provided us with so many miracles. He is unbelievable. Cody is such a great testament to what faith can do. I hope everyone of you will take this and make a believer out you. Please keep praying. This is only the beginning of a long road.

The nurses have spoken with us this morning about the day today. They only want immediate family to go back and spend time with Cody. These little steps he has been making are so exausting to him. I know this is going to be hard because so many people want to see him. But we have to do what's best for Cody. We have to let him get some rest. We still want you to come if you have planned too. We are telling Cody when people come to see him. Having so many people in there and trying to get him to do things could possibly stress him out and maybe cause him to relapse.

It's been a great night. Please pray that we continue to have more of these. Your prayers are what's doing this and we thank you so much.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16- 11:00pm

Cody has had a good day but an exhausting day. He's made some little steps forward. Cody has showed us signs that he is there. As a family that is so close and knows him extremely well the little baby steps that he's taking are reassuring us that he is still in there. This evening has been very emotional for us all. Some big things have happened, we can't help but jump up and scream and shout to the Lord how thankful and happy we are. BUT the nurses and doctors have to tell us that they can't be sure of anything right now. His movements could still be sporadic. We continue to thank God for the miracle of healing Cody's heart. Now we pray that He heals his brain. We all know that it can be done. We've already seen miracles happen.

We were able to enjoy the company of wonderful caring friends who stopped by to show their love for Cody. We are writing down each persons name that has stopped by. We want to make sure Cody knows that you were here. I know so many people want to come see him but can't. Please know that we feel your thoughts and prayers. They are working, Please continue.

We were able to enjoy an evening with family and friends at dinner this evening. We haven't been out of the hospital much so it was nice to get out. But I sure was ready to get back and see Bubba.

Cody needs time and time is what we are going to give him. It's all in God's time and God's time is good. Please continue to pray that the Lord brings Cody back to us.

April 16, 4:20pm

Cody's cardiologist was just in and worked with Cody. You won't believe what I am fixing to tell you......His heart is NORMAL! God has answered that prayer. We have prayed for God to heal his heart and he has answered that prayer. We cannot give enough thanks for that. Now we give thanks for healing his heart and we pray that He will heal his brain. They will do another EEG on Monday to check brain activity. He has gagged today. Yesterday they told us he had no gag reflux. He is trying to lean forward, pulling his head up. He is coughing quite a bit today. Which is a good thing! We have had so many people come to see Cody and send him cards. We are beyond amazed at the good grace that God has blessed you guys with. Please Please keep praying. They are working. We are starting to have happy tears!

Friday, April 16 9:30am

We have been in to see Cody this morning. He is still in a coma. He is making slight movements to our voices and touches. He swallows, and moves his jaw. His right knee has moved a little. We know he hears us. He'll be calm and his heart rate will raise to it. His liver enzymes are high and that means his liver isn't metabolizing things. So we are praying that his body just hasn't metabolized the medication that was given to him. We are not giving up. Our faith has never been stronger. We don't want anyone else to give up either. Please keep praying. This is going to be a long road and we are in for the long haul! We hope you are too.

"He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave." Psalm 107:20

A mom's fight

NOOOO NOOOO NOOO I will not accept that he won't come back to me. I can't . As I posted yesterday the feeling of complete overwhelming sadness and being lost got worse when we received the news that the neurologist felt that there was very little chance for Cody to wake up, I have noooo words that can describe how devastated I was . He just needs time. I know he knows i'm there, he moved his jaw and it looked like he tried to swallow , his blood pressure goes up when I talk to him so I can only do it when they are doing things to him since he doesn't like it when they mess with him!! This has to mean something!!! I refuse to believe that these sign are not Cody. The girls have been reading me the posts from yesterday and I can't stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks, I ve cried buckets of them , GOD IS GOOD and the prayers are definetly being felt, but don't use them on me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give them to my little man. I can't lose him. Thank you Brenda Almond for the painting that Cody did of Christ. It's sits by his bed. My soul is weary but my faith is strong, the Lord is the only one I will allow to tell me that Bubba is gone. PLEASE PLEASE keep praying he needs them sooooo very much right now. The gift that God gave me 20 years ago is touching thousands of lives and it truely amazes me. I always believed in God's power but seeing it is an amazing experience. We love each and every one of you. Thank you for what you are doing for us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4-15-- 11:30pm

They want to give Cody another quiet night. So we have gone for the night and won't see him until in the morning. I more than likely won't be posting anything on here until after 8 in the morning. I pray that I'm not unless it's wonderful news. Today has been the absolute hardest day of my life. I thought Monday was. Today has really broken my heart in two. When we got the news on the EEG I was so lost. I had no idea what to do. I just kept saying over and over "Please God don't take my Bubba, Please God don't take Bubba, I need him, I need him." I still am saying that over and over. I have prayed my heart out to God. I still won't accept the fact that this could be the end. It can't be. We need prayers. Prayers to heal Cody's body for God to wrap his arms around Cody and heal what is causing the delays and problems.

After we got the news from the neurologist we as a family went to Cody's side and began to pray over his body. Jessi and I read scriptures to Cody telling him that he's safe and Jesus will heal him and take care of him. The devil may be tempting our faith but he will not win this battle. Times like this make you want to ask "Why me". God has a plan and I have to trust him that it'll work.

I ask from the bottom of my heart for you to pray for Cody. Cody needs them. We need them. I'm still in a shock about what could happen. I'm afraid to face it.

Help pray for a miracle

Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope. These are words that mean more than ever right now. We are sending out a request that everyone pray their hardest. After speaking with the neurologist, he has said that in his opinion judging from the EEG, Cody is in what he called Alpha-Coma. He has said that his chances of waking up from this coma, in his opinion are not good. We, however, are not giving up on Bubba. There is a chance that the medication he was given is not completely out of his system and could be masking the neuron firing. We know that he is still there because he is stimulated by our voices and our touches. God is always in control and we are remaining hopeful that Cody will do what he always does - defy what is normal and surprise everyone. Cody has always had a flare for the dramatic and I believe this is no different. Again I ask for all the prayers and thoughts for Bubba and our family to have the strength to continue on. Thank you all. Please, please pray.

day 4

I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for them to finish up what they need to do to Cody and i am overwhelmed with the amount of thoughts and prayers that are surrounding him and our family. My broken heart swells with the knowledge that you all are praying so hard for his recovery. The last 3 days have reaffirmed my faith and belief that prayer works!!!! I feel so helpless most of the time, Igo to sit with him and it kills me that I can't touch him , kiss him or tell him how very much I LOVE HIM, and am so proud of him. He is the strongest man I know or will ever meet.He hasn't shown much sign of waking up but has had some muscle movements. Last night when I was with him I was talking to him and holding his hand and rubbing his stomach , he really seems to like that, he opened his mouth and pulled his ams, I was so excited thinking yea!!! Come on Bubba you can do this, He thrashed his head and neck and his blood pressure sky rocketed alarms started screaming I my happiness quickly turned to terror. His heart was beating sooooo fast his chest looked like his heart was trying to get out. My confidence fell to the floor and slithered out the door. I have felt this overwhelming fear ever since then. The tears started and I can't seem to make them quit. How could I still have any tears??? I have cried buckets. We went to the chapel here at the hospital this morning because I am feeling very lost right now. How could a broken heart feel more broken????? We prayed , said a group prayer and Cody Pratt read the 23 psalms, peace settled over me . God is holding Cody in the palm of his hands, giving him strength and healing ,I know he is , he has to be , I'm not ready to let him go!!!!! Not being able to touch him is killing me , Please Lord tell him I Love Him. I'm sorry if i'm rambling my thoughts are scattered, but want you to hear from me occasionaly just to let you know that the girls read me your texts and it overwhelms my soul the amount of people that are praying for my little man( i've called him that since he was born) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep them coming we need them more and more everyday. I NEED THEM , they are my life line right now. I have always been Cody's true north, you mom with son's know what i mean, the one person that stands with you and for you no matter what, I am so afraid since I can't touch him or talk to him that he will go the wrong way, please let him come back to me. Time to go see Bubba , PRAY PRAY PRAY that Cody finds his true north!!!!!!!

Cody's Care Team

Dr. Gibson- Cardiologist
Dr. Huff- Pulmonologist
Dr. Meites- Burns/wounds- Genereal Surgeon
Karla Romo- Day Nurse
Leida Schimmer-Night Nurse
Kim Higdon- RN Er
Ideen Tabataba-ER Tech

Thursday, April 25, 2010. 11:00am. Day 4

Sorry I'm just now getting an update on here this morning. We weren't able to see Cody until 8:00 and my computer was still in the trailer. Today is going to be a long day! A tough one for Bubba. He has fluid on his lungs again. It is more than likely from the vent and from being prone for so long. They are monitoring it and suctioning him out every 2 hours. A neurologist is going to be coming by to do some preliminary tests to check his brain function. They did open his eyes and check his pupils and they dialated. The occupational and physical therapy will be here today to move his limbs around. They are going to change out all his lines today to prevent infections. That is going to get him all worked up. He has been doing little movements; moving his right shoulder up and down, opened his mouth almost like a yawn, and moving jaw back and forth. His hand rolled a little also. We are still not able to give him any stimulation. Poor mom, when she goes in and whispers to him his heart rate goes up. Cody has always worried about mom. I know for a fact that when she is in there talking to him and trying to console him that he's trying so hard to tell her "Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry about me!" Yesterday when he started coming out of the sedation he would have these tremor type of things. He tenses up and it looks like he's shivering really bad. Yesterday it would only last for 5-10 minutes. This morning he did it and it lasted almost 45 minutes. They don't think they are seizures. There's alot it could be. He seems to be pretty tolerant of things right now and resting.

Lots of prayers have been said by us this morning and we still need more. Please keep praying.

"I have told you these things, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have oppression; but cheer up! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How are we?

We started the blog mainly so we didn't have so many people trying to call or text each of us asking for updates on Cody. Those calls have definitely slowed down because of it. But today it seems like I've been getting many texts and messages on Facebook asking how we are, as a family. I just keep telling everyone that I'm hanging in there. Cause that's really all I'm doing. None of us have gotten much sleep the last few days and not eaten very much either. I know I know, I can hear you all now! Trust me, we know we need to eat. I eat at every meal but not a whole lot don't have much of an appetite. Sleeping is hard to do when your mind goes from thinking about Bubba to a prayer. Tonight the nurses have told us not to come in. They want Cody to get as much rest as possible tonight. They don't want us stimulating him at all. They also want us to get as much rest as we can because Cody is going to need all his and our energy in the coming days. This is the hardest thing for me to do. I can't get myself to leave this waiting room. I know it's what's the best for Bubba but it's so hard for me. I feel horrible for leaving him alone. I pray that tomorrow is the day that I walk in that room and all I see is those baby blue's staring at me and him asking "where have you been"?! I know it is all in God's time! I keep telling myself that. People keep sending us bible verses and they are so reassuring.

So when you want to ask us "How are you guys doing" please go and listen to this song. I know most of you have heard it. It plays on The House alot. Jessi and I seen them at Winter Jam. This song by Tenth Avenue North-Hold My Heart tells exactly the emotions that we are going through. Jessi and I heard this song today and immediately knew it was meant for us to hear. Please go listen to the song and pay attention to the words. I ask God to hold my heart. How long must we pray, How long must we wait? I know God is in control but the fear of the unknown is still a problem I face.

Please continue to pray. I have heard about so many people praying and asking others to pray. I wish we could express to you how grateful we are for those prayers. I want to hug each of you! I won't be making another update until morning since we won't see him until morning. Don't stop praying.


Jessi and I just went in and seen Bubba. We were the first to see him since visiting hours opened back up. He was calmed down. The medication they gave him for his heart has definitely worked. His heartrate stayed calm. The nurse let Jessi and I talk to Cody softly. She felt it was important that Cody knew we were still here for him. I was talking to him telling him that we are not leaving here without him. I talked for a while and Jessi looked at him and he had a tear coming out his right eye. My heart hurts for him. I can hardly stand to see him like this.

His temperature is at 101.4. They have him laying on cold blankets and blankets on top of him as well. They were going to give him another Tylenol because his fever went down with that earlier. The cardiologist told us they are not going to get overly concerned with that just yet. Her last patient had one fo 3 months. They have done blood cultures and those are still growing but as of right now there is nothing growing.

Your prayers and words of thought and care and amazing to us. We get a smile when we get on the blog and see the number of followers is more than the last time. You guys are amazing. We can't thank you enough. We are off to take showers!
Please keep praying!!

4-14-- 6:00pm

Cody is starting to come out of his coma. He has been thrashing around and being combative. This isn't good, but it's Cody. They have told us we can go into his room but can't talk to him or touch him. This is going to be extremely hard for us. This has been our strong point, to go in hold his hand, give him kisses, tell him to relax, and tell him that we love him. He is already being stimulated enough by trying to fight and come out of his coma. His heart can't take anymore. Please pray for peace and comfort for Cody that he'll relax and let the medicine and machines do the work. We have warned the nurses of this! His temperature is coming up again so they are giving him more Tylenol. His blood work is still coming back good, no infections.

His heart rejection rate was at 10 yesterday shortly after he was admitted. They did an echo on his heart this afternoon and that shows the rejection rate at 25-30. That is a huge improvement in the last 24 hours! But, he needs to be at atleast 50. They have given him a cardiac medicine to calm his heart and keep his pulse and blood pressure down. Hoping this will let his heart rest some more and continue to heal like it did the last 24 hours.

Please pray that Cody relaxes and is comfortable. Please pray for his family and friends that are here with him. Pray for strength for us.


Cody's temp is down from 103 to 101.1. We are fighting this still. It has come down though. They have him on a cooling blanket, a fan blowing on him, and a cool rag on his head. His blood work still comes back good, no infection. He seems to be really tired and is resting right now. He's making breaths on his own. We haven't seen much movement in a while. But he's still got medication in him. We're not pushing for him to show us signs ,we know he needs to rest. He'll pop up when he's ready! He'll still be on the vent for a while. They have starting feeding him! The nourishment has to help him. We continue to be amazed at the outpour of love and prayers for Cody and his family. I may not reply to every comment but please know that we read each one to the family and to Cody. Your prayers are what's healing Cody. God is so good! I hope that when we leave here we have left an imprint on the people here. When people leave us bible verses, we write them down and hang them in Cody's room. Your words are blessings! Please continue to pray.

"Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." John 14:13-14


Cody is running a slight fever and his pulse is elevated. The nurse explained it to me like this--When you cook something in a crock pot and it's done and you turn it off it will continue to get hot for a while and cook. He had fire inside him so they cooled him down for 24 hours and over the night they gradually warmed him up. So hopefully his body will realize it needs to stop! His pulse is high because of the elevated temperature and possibly because of pain. He has moved his head back and forth and has moved his legs and arms. He was on the sedative and paralytic medication for so long that we don't know how long it'll be before he wakes up. Everybody's body takes it differently. He could open his eyes in 2 hours or 2 days. No way to tell. We are consistenly telling him not to move for us. We don't need him to. We need him to lay there and relax and let his body heal and do the work for him. We thank each of you for praying. Please don't stop it's not over yet. You guys have helped perform a miracle. I believe that will all my heart.

Wednesday 4-14/ 8:00 am

They have started to wean Cody off his sedative and paralytic medication. He is already starting to move a little. It's not alot but it's signs of life! His hands and feet both have been moving. We hope he stays calm during this time. Sometime during the day they will do an EKG to check the status of his heart after being on the hypothermia treatment.

"My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge" Psalm 62:7

Wednesday 4-14/6:40 am

Cody's blood pressure is normal 123/78. His temperature is not yet at 96. Will be soon. His labs came back excellent once again. Liver enzymes are still elevated but with as much trauma that is to be expected. Dr. says they may be for a few more days. Mom keeps telling him that he's restrained and won't be able to move once they start pulling him off the sedative medication. Cody is very clausterphobic when he realizes he can't move his arms and legs we have a feeling that things may get kinda scary. Please keep praying..Please keep praying..Please keep praying. The worse is yet to come.

4-14 5:20 a.m.

They believe Cody's core temp will be at 96 around 6:30. That is when they will take him off the hypothermia machine. They are going to let his body do the rest of the work at getting to the 98.6 degrees. They said he will shiver and that is getting his body temp back up. His blood pressure had spiked up. But they got that back down. His heart was doing what I think they call dfib? Don't quote me on that. I've been in and out of sleep! The top part and bottom part were not beating together. They were fluttering. That has fixed itself and is a sign of trauma. Which we knew. I know I've been asking you to pray at every post. But here pretty soon his body is going to be doing the work. We really have to pray that it works and God has healed our little man. He's kinda being stubborn about things and he's not even conscious! But that's Cody Joe! Please keep him in your prayers this morning and throughout the day. I will continue to update. Keep praying....keep praying....keep praying!

"Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds." Psalms 71:17

2:40 Update

Temp is 94.7. Blood work came back good. Once again Cody is breathing over his ventilator. His breaths need to be around 10. He gets worked up and his breaths will get up to 15. Mom got him to calm down and get his breaths down to 12 from 15. It seems he does it when you first come in his room and start talking to him. My heart smiles at that because it gives me hope that there will not be as bad of brain damage as expected. But I know he still needs to be as sedated as possible because it's too early still for him to be awake. Every hour is critical and counts big. We have each dozed off for a little bit at some point. This floor sure is hard! I know I'm giving good news but don't stop praying just yet. We still have no idea what's going on with his heart or brain. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, we have been finding much comfort in the Bible. I love it when I open the book and God gives me what I need to hear. I have an Iphone and have a Bible app on it. Jessi has been looking through there and some really good verses have all but jumped off the page at us. Please keep praying...please keep praying...please keep praying.

"Yet Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward" Job 5:7
How ironic is this?!?! This is what I mean by scriptures jumping out at us!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12:30 Update

Cody's temp is 93.7. They were getting ready to do more lab work so pray those results come back positive. He has continued to breathe over the ventilator and get worked up (we know this by his pulse raising). It had been an hour since we last gone in and talked to him and touched and kissed him. He brought his numbers down on his own during the time we didn't go in there without the nurse having to give him more sedative medication. As a family we decided to let Cody rest and not go into his room. We will continue to go into the ICU unit and get updates from his nurse. He has to get his rest and let the ventilator do it's work. But those of you who know Bubba personally know that this is going to be the HARDEST thing for Cody to do. Just lay there, don't move, leave all these tubes alone! YEAH RIGHT!!!!! He's still fighting and so are we.

My grandpa brought his travel trailer up here and parked it in the hospital parking that they have for RV's. We will be taking turns going down and taking showers. They even packed it with cookies and stuff to make a sandwich! Right now it's Mom, Chris, Vanessa, Mike, Jen, Ady, Jessi, Reese, Nate, Cody Pratt and Jalynne. Dad and Kim went to a friends house in Choctaw to get a shower and change clothes and to maybe get a few hours of sleep. We got hotel rooms last night but can't leave tonight. We can but everyone of us said we aren't going anywhere! So here we are! We've actually made it kind of homey! Ok Ok we've taken over this place!!!! Keep praying...Keep praying...Keep praying! They are working!

my worst nightmare

My name is Alicia, Cody's mom, and I am so greatful for the so very many prayers that are being flooded to Cody right now. I wanted to write a quick note and let you all know about my journey. Monday started as any ordinary day. Went to work , was just getting ready to eat lunch when my cell phone rang, I work in Renfrow, Oklahoma, I have little or no cell service so the fact that my cell rang at all is a miracle, one of many I have experienced in the last 48 hours, I didn't recognize the number, so I wasn't going to answer it but was compelled to and it was Robert, owner of Custom Powerline Construction( miracle # 2) informing me of Cody's accident. My world came crashing to a halt mock 10. I was locked in a time warp and I couldn't move or think fast enough. Cody was out in the middle of nowhere by Binger, Oklahoma fighting for his life, and I was on my way to Medford trying to call Mike and Ryan so they could prepare Jen and Jessi (Cody's sister's) for their worst nightmare, the posibilty that Cody may die. I hate that word and every mother reading this knows what I mean. Chris Blubaugh drove to Medford to get Jen , Ady and myself to go to Integris Baptist Hospital in Okc. I am of the strongest belief that God puts people in our lives at certain times to do certain things (miracle # 3) Cody's crew had a man certified in CPR. Travis did everything right HE SAVED CODY'S LIFE. I can't begin to say thank you the EMT from El Reno who rode in the anbulance with Cody and helped him fight for his life. Cody died 3 times just getting to OKC.(miracle # 4 )The drive to OKC was the longest in my life, I had no information other then he had been electrocuted and he was brain was screaming WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????? every car in front of us was doing 20 miles an hour, well at least it felt like it , that warp speed thing again.We finally got to the hospital and was overwhelmed by Cody's crew waiting at the doors , with the saddest faces I have ever seen on any man, my heart screamed NO , please let Cody still be alive!!!!! The minute I was told I prayed like I have never prayed before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Cody live till I get there to him , let him hear me tell him how very much I Love him and how blessed I feel that God gave him to ME to love. The chaplin meet us at the door, I thought GO AWAY I'm not ready for you yet.I am truelly sorry for that thought now. We were ushered to a private room where the heart doctor Dr.Gibson came in a explained that Cody was shocked into rhythm 3 times , he was breathing with a repirator at 100 % oxygen. OK OK i thought just get me to him, warp speed thing again, He looked so small , Cody is 6'4" so thought was very overwhelming to me, I cried like I have never cried before and my heart shattered in my chest as I kissed his forhead and touched his arm and told him as many times as I could before they took him to Cardiac ICU that he had to fight , he couldn't give up, I knew he was terrified, but had to make sure that he heard me dying was not an option. Cody fought and fought hard the first 24 hours, I am soooo very proud of him. He has made mircles appear right before our eyes. I always new cody was special but had no idea the number of people who also new this fact.Each time I go to him and talk to him and rub his belly his pulse rate goes up, that means he hears me and knows I'm there, I tell him everytime that he was in an accident and that he was given medicine to make him paralyzed and a sedative to keep him calm and yet everytime I talk to him his pulse rises. THANK YOU GOD for giving me your sign. Cody is the strongest man I know and will probably ever know. I want so badly to make it all go away for him, to crawl in his bed and hold him as I did so many times when he was little. We mom's know that they never grow up they are always our little people.Cody has been brought to an exceptional hospital and has the most special people looking after him. DR. Gibson Cardiologist...Dr. Huff Pulmonologist...Dr. Meites burns . His nurses are the most special women I have had the pleasure to know Day Nurse Karla Roma and Night Nurse Leida Schimmer who have Cody as their only patient when they are on duty. The girls also requested that they be put to Cody until he is released. Even from a coma Cody is impacting lives!!!! Amazing!!! Thank You God for your greatest gift to me. Thank YOU ALL for your thoughts and prayers they are being felt. Please know that even though I don't respond to your comments or calls I get them . Jen and Jessi read them to me, I have to focus on Cody and all my energy goes to him and the need for him to know we're here and want him to keep fighting. KEEP PRAYING they are warming him now back to normal temp, we need his organs to start working to full capacity, we need his heart to get strong and his lungs to heal. This is a tall order for Cody but with your prayers and Cody's unrelentless will to live HE can do this, THEY can do this GOD and CODY together because without God here Cody wouldn't be here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from myself and my whole family.

9:40 pm Update

They have begun to bring his body temp back to normal. He is at 92.4. All his blood work has come back very good. His liver enzymes are elevated but they are not any higher than they were before. They had to give him more sedative and paralytic drugs because his heart rate keeps coming up when we go in and talk to him. Although that is an AWESOME sign from GOD we don't want him doing that right now. He is trying to breathe over the ventilator and do it by himself so that's another reason they have given him more paralytic medication. I'm telling you this boy is a fighter!

You guys have no idea how much your prayers are keeping us strong. We love to see how you guys are posting things and asking people to pray. I'm a huge believer that prayer solves everything. And it is! Your words of encouragement are wonderful to hear. We love you all and the outpour of love to us is unbelievable. Our God is mighty and his ears are being flooded. I know they are. Thank you!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God " Phillipians 4:6

Making a sign for Bubba


Hit your knees and pray. They are about to begin taking Cody off the hypothermic treatment. It's a slow process that will take around 12 hours. They will only raise his temp tenths of a degree at a time. Once he becomes stable at normal body temp they will begin to take him off some of the medications if he's able to tolerate it. I will continue to update throughout the night as we get updates.

I also want to let everyone know that the guy that saved Bubba's life came to the hospital today to see him. He wasn't emotionally ready to see Cody. He performed the CPR on him the second they got him out of the bucket until the paramedics arrived. He is an angel. God put him in Cody's life and that's the reason right there. No words can tell Travis how much we thank him and love him for what he's done. He will forever be in our hearts and a part of this family. He is a God send. He is so humble about what he did. He feels he only did what Cody would do for him. These boys that work for CPC are a close group of guys and are a family of their own. They have been here waiting with the rest of the family crying and praying. We have really seen the love for each other in this horrible time.

Address for Cody

We have had lots of people asking us where to send cards and other things for Cody. Please send them to
Integris Baptist Medical Center
3300 Northwest Expressway
Cody Johnson
901 ICU Bed 7
Oklahoma City, Ok 73112

Again we cannot stress enough the importance of prayer. Please keep them coming.

Update: 4:25pm 4-13-10

The Dr. just came and gave an update. They will start weening him off the hypothermia treatments at 7:30pm. It should take about 12 hours to get back to his normal temperature. After he gets back to his normal temperature they will start weening him off the paralytic and sedation medication. They inform us that he could be waking up tomorrow. Oh how I can't wait to see those baby blues! His liver counts were elevated. Didn't seem to be concerned about that considering he was shocked 4 times. His lungs sound 10 times better than yesterday. They wrapped another burn on his left forearm. He has burns on his right shoulder and left and right hands. God is hearing our prayers. Please keep them coming. We are getting good news but the worse is still to come. They will do another EKG once his temperature is normal to check the status of his heart. Praying it is working at more than 15%. He is down to 40% oxygen which is the lowest you go while on the ventilator. They are doing labs on blood work checking for tons of things. His blood gases came back great!

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like an eagle; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint." Isaiah:28-31

How it happened...

Mom got the call about 12:45 from Robert, Cody's boss, that Cody had been in an accident. He had been electrocuted. All we knew is that he had been electrocuted and had to be shocked 2 times. When they got him down from the bucket he was lifeless. No pulse, no breaths! A co-worker Travis performed CPR on Cody for a total of 15-20 minutes until the paramedics arrived. We drove to Oklahoma City not knowing a thing, not even if he was alive or not! It's still not quite clear what caused the accident. He was cutting a neutral line and somehow came in contact with a live wire with his shoulder. The extent of the damage is believed to be inside.

"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant life" - Jer. 33:6

Latest Update- 2:00p.m 4-13-10

Cody has been sedated and still paralyzed with medication. No changes this afternoon. He had a good night. He is only getting 50% oxygen which is down from 100% initially. His lungs have improved as well. Still have some fluid but not as much as when he was admitted. His heart is only pumping at 15%. It's been through a total of 4 shocks. The initial electrocution and 3 shocks by perimedics on the ambulance ride in. They started a hypothermia treatment in the ambulance and we end that at 7:30 p.m. We pray to God that his heart had time to heal during this 24 hours and is working at more than 15%. Cody is such a fighter and a strong minded man. He's fighting. We have the Lord on our side. That's the ONLY thing getting him and us through this. At 7:30pm we as a family ask that everyone pray to God that Cody comes through this and his organs make it through this. The process of "warming" him up is a slow one. They only do a tenth or so at a time every hour. Pray that we see improvement every hour. We appreciate every single prayer that has been lifted for Cody. Please keep them coming.
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.-Josh .1:9