Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 9:30pm

Cody can now have liquids! His vocal cords are strong enough to where they think he can drink liquids and not risk harm to his lungs! He's so glad to be able to drink water and gatorade without that nasty thickening stuff in it! Tomorrow Mike, Ady and I are going to go see Bubba and we are going to stop and get him a Big Gulp!!!!

His therapy sessions went well again today. He said he got a real good workout this morning! He's ready to start lifting weights!

The therapists don't expect him to be there past next week! We can't wait to have him home with us. We miss him. I know my life has changed so much these past 2 1/2 weeks. My eyes have been opened to the love that is around me. Even from people who I never thought cared about our family. We have been blessed with an amazing community!


  1. That is such great news! Liquids! woo hoo :)

    God gives you what you need to get through any situation. You have a lot of people helping pray you through this. You all are a fantastic example and an inspiration to so many. Keep the faith!

  2. I'm Smiling! & so HAPPY! I was following this amazing story from the 2nd day after I heard about the accident & have been praying everyday! It's a GREAT Miracle, Cody Is A GREAT Miracle!! I will continue to pray for you all!! You are an AMAZING family!! Aloha Nadine...

  3. Praise God! I can still remember Cody and Aaron playing on my front porch when they were in grade school. Just a paste board box with holes cut in the box was enough to make them laugh and play for several hours. Thank God he is healing Cody. God Bless you all. Evelyn Keith

  4. Great news! Still praying here for balance, memory and vision. Be careful driving.

  5. We found the same thing Jen when I went through my illness years ago. You find strength, faith, courage and comfort in places you never expected. Such an encouragement to all involved. May God continue to bless your beautiful families in Jesus' name.