Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-- 6:00pm

Cody is starting to come out of his coma. He has been thrashing around and being combative. This isn't good, but it's Cody. They have told us we can go into his room but can't talk to him or touch him. This is going to be extremely hard for us. This has been our strong point, to go in hold his hand, give him kisses, tell him to relax, and tell him that we love him. He is already being stimulated enough by trying to fight and come out of his coma. His heart can't take anymore. Please pray for peace and comfort for Cody that he'll relax and let the medicine and machines do the work. We have warned the nurses of this! His temperature is coming up again so they are giving him more Tylenol. His blood work is still coming back good, no infections.

His heart rejection rate was at 10 yesterday shortly after he was admitted. They did an echo on his heart this afternoon and that shows the rejection rate at 25-30. That is a huge improvement in the last 24 hours! But, he needs to be at atleast 50. They have given him a cardiac medicine to calm his heart and keep his pulse and blood pressure down. Hoping this will let his heart rest some more and continue to heal like it did the last 24 hours.

Please pray that Cody relaxes and is comfortable. Please pray for his family and friends that are here with him. Pray for strength for us.

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