Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20--11:00am

Cody just got a bath. He let Carla shave him! She said he kept saying something that sounded like dallas she thought. Carla asked him "dog"? And he shook his head yes. He misses his puppy!!! They are going to send a speech therapist do a swallowing test and if he tolerates that well they will remove his feeding tube. They will let us feed him if this happens. Grandma Jane and I went back a little bit ago before his bath and when Grandma started talking he popped his eyes open WIDE! We were so excited to see his baby blues! It's been a while! Mom said he yawned a few times.

I just realized that I'm writing a blog about my baby brother yawning! But things like this are so exciting to us. We saw him absolutely lifeless a week ago.

We respect his neurologist and know he is giving us the information that he has been given. But we all know Cody and he will prove these people wrong.

God has placed people in our lives this past week that have been amazing to us. Just a few minutes ago Jessi, Grandma Jane, and I were in the elevator and a lineman who works for AEP/PSO was in there. He has also been electocuted. He asked what bed Cody was in because he wanted to let him know he'd be ok. Another man came into the waiting room and was sitting with us. We began to talk to him and he is hear seeing his mother. His mom knows J.D Edmondson from Medford. Such a small world.

Please continue to pray for Cody. He is making tiny tiny steps up huge huge hills.

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