Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Address for Cody

We have had lots of people asking us where to send cards and other things for Cody. Please send them to
Integris Baptist Medical Center
3300 Northwest Expressway
Cody Johnson
901 ICU Bed 7
Oklahoma City, Ok 73112

Again we cannot stress enough the importance of prayer. Please keep them coming.


  1. Just read part of your story, gladly, wholeheartedly praying for Cody, for his family and for those caring for him. I pray that GOD will allow more and greater blessings for him and for all of you. deb

  2. I am SO very impressed when I read the updates! If I had had the presence of mind to journal after my son's accident, it would read almost word for word what you have posted! It will take time, but GOD can and will HEAL! Praying for Cody here in SE Texas! I can see us in Oct. 2005, and thank God for our miracle! Cindy Turner Horn

  3. VERY impressed with God's progress with Cody! Thank you Jesus! Glad he's in a private room, I know how the ICU is! May God bless you and continue to heal Cody's body! Still praying!! Cindy Turner Horn