Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my worst nightmare

My name is Alicia, Cody's mom, and I am so greatful for the so very many prayers that are being flooded to Cody right now. I wanted to write a quick note and let you all know about my journey. Monday started as any ordinary day. Went to work , was just getting ready to eat lunch when my cell phone rang, I work in Renfrow, Oklahoma, I have little or no cell service so the fact that my cell rang at all is a miracle, one of many I have experienced in the last 48 hours, I didn't recognize the number, so I wasn't going to answer it but was compelled to and it was Robert, owner of Custom Powerline Construction( miracle # 2) informing me of Cody's accident. My world came crashing to a halt mock 10. I was locked in a time warp and I couldn't move or think fast enough. Cody was out in the middle of nowhere by Binger, Oklahoma fighting for his life, and I was on my way to Medford trying to call Mike and Ryan so they could prepare Jen and Jessi (Cody's sister's) for their worst nightmare, the posibilty that Cody may die. I hate that word and every mother reading this knows what I mean. Chris Blubaugh drove to Medford to get Jen , Ady and myself to go to Integris Baptist Hospital in Okc. I am of the strongest belief that God puts people in our lives at certain times to do certain things (miracle # 3) Cody's crew had a man certified in CPR. Travis did everything right HE SAVED CODY'S LIFE. I can't begin to say thank you the EMT from El Reno who rode in the anbulance with Cody and helped him fight for his life. Cody died 3 times just getting to OKC.(miracle # 4 )The drive to OKC was the longest in my life, I had no information other then he had been electrocuted and he was bad......my brain was screaming WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????? every car in front of us was doing 20 miles an hour, well at least it felt like it , that warp speed thing again.We finally got to the hospital and was overwhelmed by Cody's crew waiting at the doors , with the saddest faces I have ever seen on any man, my heart screamed NO , please let Cody still be alive!!!!! The minute I was told I prayed like I have never prayed before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Cody live till I get there to him , let him hear me tell him how very much I Love him and how blessed I feel that God gave him to ME to love. The chaplin meet us at the door, I thought GO AWAY I'm not ready for you yet.I am truelly sorry for that thought now. We were ushered to a private room where the heart doctor Dr.Gibson came in a explained that Cody was shocked into rhythm 3 times , he was breathing with a repirator at 100 % oxygen. OK OK i thought just get me to him, warp speed thing again, He looked so small , Cody is 6'4" so thought was very overwhelming to me, I cried like I have never cried before and my heart shattered in my chest as I kissed his forhead and touched his arm and told him as many times as I could before they took him to Cardiac ICU that he had to fight , he couldn't give up, I knew he was terrified, but had to make sure that he heard me dying was not an option. Cody fought and fought hard the first 24 hours, I am soooo very proud of him. He has made mircles appear right before our eyes. I always new cody was special but had no idea the number of people who also new this fact.Each time I go to him and talk to him and rub his belly his pulse rate goes up, that means he hears me and knows I'm there, I tell him everytime that he was in an accident and that he was given medicine to make him paralyzed and a sedative to keep him calm and yet everytime I talk to him his pulse rises. THANK YOU GOD for giving me your sign. Cody is the strongest man I know and will probably ever know. I want so badly to make it all go away for him, to crawl in his bed and hold him as I did so many times when he was little. We mom's know that they never grow up they are always our little people.Cody has been brought to an exceptional hospital and has the most special people looking after him. DR. Gibson Cardiologist...Dr. Huff Pulmonologist...Dr. Meites burns . His nurses are the most special women I have had the pleasure to know Day Nurse Karla Roma and Night Nurse Leida Schimmer who have Cody as their only patient when they are on duty. The girls also requested that they be put to Cody until he is released. Even from a coma Cody is impacting lives!!!! Amazing!!! Thank You God for your greatest gift to me. Thank YOU ALL for your thoughts and prayers they are being felt. Please know that even though I don't respond to your comments or calls I get them . Jen and Jessi read them to me, I have to focus on Cody and all my energy goes to him and the need for him to know we're here and want him to keep fighting. KEEP PRAYING they are warming him now back to normal temp, we need his organs to start working to full capacity, we need his heart to get strong and his lungs to heal. This is a tall order for Cody but with your prayers and Cody's unrelentless will to live HE can do this, THEY can do this GOD and CODY together because without God here Cody wouldn't be here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from myself and my whole family.


  1. alycia this is an amazing story! My heart hurts for you and your family! I pray hard everyday for you! Cause I know everyone prayed so hard when I almost lost my little guy 2 weeks ago! God answered our prayers for Keaton and he'll hear us again for Cody! Stay strong and keep your head up! Love you guys and we won't give up!

  2. My heart broke for you as I read your emotional journey. I praise God for what He is doing and about to do. I hope you feel the prayers that are lifting Cody up and know my thoughts are constantly with all of you.

  3. God's amazing and he's definitely looking over Cody and your family! I'm glad that you have such a strong support system! I've been praying for Cody and I know that God answers prayers! Stay strong and we'll continue to pray for all of you!

  4. Fr. Mike prayed for Cody in mass this morning. Our prayers are carried on the wings of angels!

  5. "Listen to me...you whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth. Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry." Isaiah 46:34

    "For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and don not return without watering the earth...so shall My word be which goes from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire.
    Isaiah 55:10-11.

    And know that God is a good, awesome and faithful God. We touch and agree with you that Cody will be healed from the crown of his head to the souls of his feet!!!

    His eye is on the sparrow and God is watching over Cody and you all.