Monday, April 19, 2010


Good morning believers, we are sooooo excited by Cody's progress, seeing God perform his miracles on Cody is truelly amazing. These are baby steps but he died on Monday so everything we see is only a miracle, no other explanation can be given. We went to the chapel here in the church yesterday for service and the minister was called away on an emergency so he asked us to pray for man in emergency and would be back as soon as he could. We prayed , did our own impromptu service and was just talking when he returned saying the man's heart started, PRAISE GOD !!!!! He asked if he could go ahead with his service and we told him certainly we would love it. GOD GAVE US THE MESSAGE WE NEEDED it was from John 21 and the point he wanted us to remember was PRESENSE and PATIENTS God is always present and we must be patient, not easy for a momma that was told we needed to prepare ourself for Cody's death!!!!!! I refused to believe that my baby wasn't in there, I knew he was, I could feel it. When we get cody out of the woods I will post a blog describing the whole nightmare , just have trouble focusing on this when he is having difficulties. Please continue to pray for his recovery, we have such a very long way to go. Dr. Gidson stopped by and said that they are going to move him to the west wing as soon as he tolerates breathing more. He is no longer a considered cardiac critical, that itself is a miracle, his heart was electrified 4 times and has no damage!!!!! how can that be?????? We know don't we fellow believers GOD DID THAT.Dr Gibson said the west wing had been calling here and asking when they get him, they want to be a part of the miracle we are a witness to!!!!! I am so blessed to have been a part of this miracle . Keep witnessing the glories of our awesome GOD, Keep praying that his breathing improves, even if he has to go back on the ventilator he went awhile without it , BABY STEPS. THANK YOU THANK to EVERYONE who has said 1 prayer, said 1 thank you to the Lord, contributed to our stay or just thought of us. Wish I could thank you each myself. We love you all and sooooo glad you are sharing our miracle.


  1. How could we ever NOT believe that God can heal? Cody and you are all witness to the many things He can do. We are all blessed to be able to read about all these things and to be able to pray for continued healing -not just for Cody but for everyone you have been in contact with. Thank you so much for including all of us as a part of these miracles so we can also "witness" them through your updates. There is nothing wrong with taking "baby steps" through the healing process. They seem like "giant steps" when they are for your own child. Thank you for sharing your faith with others. You are witnesses that show God has wrapped his loving arms around all of you and given you strength, hope, and healing.

  2. I read this blog everyday (well...many times a day) and when you guys kept posting about his movements, I just knew he was still there and I'm not even there!!! :) God is Great! Cody is in my prayers everyday!

  3. Dear Cody's Mom,
    My name is Frank. It has been an indescribable privelege for me to witness the LORD channel healing thru my intercessary prayer, so many times before,i cannot share it all now...i have been asked to come to your son's assistance, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, that his recovery be expedited. If you BELIEVE, then please call me when you are near Cody, so that i can do my part, & the LORD can do HIS. My number is (773) 671-0109. i am SERIOUS.
    GOD bless your family w/ HIS Peace, during this time, as we see Cody thru this!