Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23-- 12:00

Cody had another restless night. Didn't sleep much. His speech is improving more each day. We definietly know he recognizes Mom, Jessi, Reese, Vanessa, Ady, and I. You can tell he missed the kids!

He is still frustrated because he is so thirsty. He just wants one drink!!!

Monday they are going to send someone from Jim Thorpe rehab to look over his chart and get him set up with in-patient rehab. We are excited about this. He will get a total of 3 hours of rehab a day. He told us this morning that he wants to get up and practice walking!

His vision is still blurry.

Cody just came back from swallow test. IT WENT GOOD! They are fixing to take out feeding tube. He can be on the consistency of tomato juice for a few days! He wants a milkshake!!! Thank you Lord. This is one step closer to the end!

Please keep praying for his vision and his body to heal 100%!


  1. I don't blame him, I would want a milkshake over tomato juice anyday!!! ;) So proud of Cody and the prayers that have been answered. Thank you so much for the blogs, it makes our day great here at school when we read them! More prayers are coming everyday!

  2. Thats awesome! I'll be praying that everything continues to improve and that he'll be well enough to go home soon!!

  3. Dear family and Cody, If it helps to know...Brad saw double for several weeks after his coma but it resolved itself ! We are praying for 100 % recovery...just remember it takes time. Very close in thoughts, Patty Mennem

  4. That is great news! Oh, that milkshake will taste soooo good! We won't stop praying!

  5. I do not know Cody from Adam, but have been following along on your blog reading,praying with you all and shedding some tears of Joy with you @ his progress and His Glory being shown. I first read of Codys accident on the BassZone message board. And have checked on you all every day .Thanks for the encouragement that You have given me in my faith also .God Bless and get that young man A Milkshake . Kelly Bales ,McLoud,Ok.

  6. I don't know Cody or you but since finding the blog on Facebook I have be praying for Cody and for his family. God is able to do all things except fail!!!

    Keep the faith!!


  7. This God is a God of Miracles, just believe and receive.....God Bless you cody