Saturday, April 17, 2010

Praise Service for Cody!

Everybody and Your friend,
You are invited for a praise service tonight to worship and adore Jehovah God, the God who heals. Come tonight to lift your hearts before God in song and to pray for Cody's continued healing, thanking Him for all the good He has done and will continue to do. Grab all your friends and bring them with you to the First Christian Church, Medford, 7:00pm

Tears flow on our face when we read the email that this was going to take place. Again, we are overwhelmed by the outpour of love for Cody. If you do not live in or near Medford please have your own praise service for Cody tonight. We will have one here. We will continue to pray over Cody and ask God to continue his mighty works.


  1. I got home from Mass at Pond Creek Sat night still in time for the prayer service at the Christian Church in Medford. We powerfully lifted up Cody and you all to the Master and sang His praises for all the good He is doing for you.

    We are watching the miracle God is doing showing His great power to the halls of the hospital there.
    Fr. Mike Wheelahan

  2. You all would have been so very pleased with the Christian Church service ! Those who attended witnessed something very powerful !
    Alicia, I so would like to wrap my arms around just close your eyes and feel my long hug ! Patty Mennem