Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 4:00pm

Cody is now in Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation in room 364. They do not expect him to be here more than a couple of weeks! They will do no less than 3 hours a day of therapy with him. He's so ready, he's tired of being weak!

I won't be on here as much to do updates. Since I won't be around the computer that much. Probably just once a day.

Please continue to pray that Cody progresses quickly through rehab. He's gonna be worn out in here but that's what he wants! He says he's ready to sweat!!!

They recommend visitors to come after 4. That's when they quit therapies for the day.


  1. Well Alicia, I have been following this blog constantly since Cody's accident and I must say that I am just blown away by his progress and by the awesome power of prayer and by the awesome power of God. It's truly a miraculous recovery so far and I will continue to pray for him and for all of you. God is good!!

  2. Thanks for being so faithful to keep us all updated.... we know you guys are extremely busy. Will start checking only in the evening or something. We ask each other "Have you seen the latest update on Cody?" and praise God at the many miracles..(and we don't even 'know' you!!) that's OK God does!! will continue to pray for 100% healing, body, mind and soul, and for provision for all your hotel, etc expenses that I'm sure probably weren't in the budget...(I know they wouldn't be in mine!!)God Bless..
    Roger and Sha'rrell Haws

  3. Cody is amazing and nothing short of a miracle in so many ways! Your family's strength has been such an inspiration. Sounds like Cody will continue to amaze everyone in rehab with his "sweat equity"! GO CODY GO!

  4. I can not believe where he was a week ago and where he is now! Absolutely unbelievable! God is amazing. I am so so happy for your family. He's going to get frustrated and that's understandable. Just tell him it's one step closer to being able to go home!
    Prayers are still coming your way. Have a good day!

  5. Your family is a true testimony of God, anyone who does not believe in the power of prayer should follow this blog and see the amazing power that God and Prayer have!!! I am so blessed by the faith & strength that you all have had! God is Awesome! As you have always said “In God’s Time!” That is how it has happened & we are so happy for you and your family and the testament that you will all be able to share of the true miracles of God! We will continue to pray for Cody as he begins therapy and for the family! God Bless Each and Every One of You!!!

    Beth & Billy Briggs & Family