Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12:30 Update

Cody's temp is 93.7. They were getting ready to do more lab work so pray those results come back positive. He has continued to breathe over the ventilator and get worked up (we know this by his pulse raising). It had been an hour since we last gone in and talked to him and touched and kissed him. He brought his numbers down on his own during the time we didn't go in there without the nurse having to give him more sedative medication. As a family we decided to let Cody rest and not go into his room. We will continue to go into the ICU unit and get updates from his nurse. He has to get his rest and let the ventilator do it's work. But those of you who know Bubba personally know that this is going to be the HARDEST thing for Cody to do. Just lay there, don't move, leave all these tubes alone! YEAH RIGHT!!!!! He's still fighting and so are we.

My grandpa brought his travel trailer up here and parked it in the hospital parking that they have for RV's. We will be taking turns going down and taking showers. They even packed it with cookies and stuff to make a sandwich! Right now it's Mom, Chris, Vanessa, Mike, Jen, Ady, Jessi, Reese, Nate, Cody Pratt and Jalynne. Dad and Kim went to a friends house in Choctaw to get a shower and change clothes and to maybe get a few hours of sleep. We got hotel rooms last night but can't leave tonight. We can but everyone of us said we aren't going anywhere! So here we are! We've actually made it kind of homey! Ok Ok we've taken over this place!!!! Keep praying...Keep praying...Keep praying! They are working!

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  1. I never thought a hospital waiting room could be inviting at all and you all have made it that way. Im so glad that I can be here right now with all of you and watch his progress alongside you. Still havnt stopped praying for him. Jalynne