Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23--9:30 pm

Cody continued to have a good evening Dru and Dee brought him some popsicles and he wants them NOW. Says the fridge isn't cold enough.

His bed is so uncomfortable for him. He just wiggles around all the time!

He is resting now and finally fallen asleep. We told him he's probably going to have alot of people come see him this weekend so he better get rested up!

When the respiratory therapist came to give him his breathing treatment he said that Cody's room has more cards in it then he's ever seen! We hang up each and every card that is sent to Cody. Today he has shown interst in reading them. We love you all for sending them.

Please keep praying..Please Keep Praying... Please Keep Praying.


  1. This is just so awesome!! In just a little over a week, what a great miracle our Lord has done for Cody and his wonderful family. God Bless you all and you continue to have my prayers each day. Evelyn Keith

  2. I don't know your family but what an inspiration you are. Your faith is amazing. I saw a post of Cody's accident on Facebook & have tried following your posts as time allows. I believe fully in the power of prayer & Cody is another product of prayer. He, as well as your entire family, has been in so many people's prayers. Keep the faith.

    God is with you forever & always.

  3. Thank you for keepin us updated so well!!! I just marvel at the miracles God has worked and anxiously await news of the next one!! I keep re-posting the link on my facebook page to keep all my 'friends' updated... lots of people from my church are on there and we've got some serious prayer warriors!! I will continue to pray for the 100%, total, complete healing of every single cell in his body!! And for provision for all of you and all the expenses you're dealing with (hotel, food, etc)...
    God Bless Cody and all of you.
    Roger and Sha'rrell Haws

  4. Still checking on Cody everyday can't go to sleep before checking on him every night for you see I'am a lineman's Mother also ,so I know the worry that you go through everyday that Cody works they work in the worst condition, so when you see them leave the house you will tell them to be careful and you pray that nothing happens to them. Cody is a true miracle God just was through with Cody he has another job for him. So mom be strong . We will keep praying for Cody's recovery, God has done so much for him .

  5. God just continues to work those miracles! We are thrilled to read about the daily improvements as we keep Cody and your family in our daily thoughts and prayers.