Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20- 6:30pm

Cody was supposed to go down for his CT Scan but a higher priority patient came in so he got bumped. It'll be after shift change when and if they do it. Yesterday he couldn't follow the nurses finger in front of him but today he did! It was amazing to see his Baby Blues wide open. He has been bending his knees like crazy and adjusting his upper body trying to get comfortable. Karla told him to behave and he's had his warning about getting out of bed. Physical therapy had him at the edge of the bed but he had just gotten some Morphine so he was pretty wobbly. Speech was also there today doing the swallow test. They asked him to bite down on a spoon and he did. His throat is still pretty soar so they left the feeding tube in him for now.

We just got back from taking Ady and Reese back there. The nurses said what they saw was amazing. He did so well with having them back there. We told him Reese was blowing him kisses and Cody puckered his lips!! We cheered and got excited like we had won the Super Bowl!!!!! They told us to do it a few times a day because it is great therapy.

God is amazing and I see just how so when I step into Cody's room. Your prayers are working. Please keep praying. Pray that Cody becomes more alert and begins to speak. We aren't pushing any of this because we know he needs time and rest. Getting him convinced to rest has been difficult! He's says he's not tired but he can barely keep his eyes open! We love God for answering our prayers and we love each of you for praying. Please continue!


  1. Such a glowing blog entry. I was delighted to read it. I'm glad the kids got to go see their uncle. We're still praying. See you as soon as I can...Julie V.

  2. What an exciting post!!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Please let me know if you guys need anything. Lots of love!!! We will keep praying!

  3. I look forward to hearing the great progress. Family is the best therapy. Keep it up, it is working. We are continuing to pray.

  4. I don't know you all personally but was told of this by a friend of the family. Just wanted to let you know that I have been and will continue to pray. It looks like God has already answered so many prayers for your family. Praise God! Praise His holy name! I can't tell you how excited I was to get on here today and see the progress that he has made.

    Lori Peterson

  5. Oh Jen! What an awesome post. Thrilled to read he attempted to blow a kiss back. How exciting! I read it to Chuck and he said, "He's gonna make it. He's gonna walk away from there!" And we're believing he will. Great news you all! Praying without ceasing!!