Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16- 11:00pm

Cody has had a good day but an exhausting day. He's made some little steps forward. Cody has showed us signs that he is there. As a family that is so close and knows him extremely well the little baby steps that he's taking are reassuring us that he is still in there. This evening has been very emotional for us all. Some big things have happened, we can't help but jump up and scream and shout to the Lord how thankful and happy we are. BUT the nurses and doctors have to tell us that they can't be sure of anything right now. His movements could still be sporadic. We continue to thank God for the miracle of healing Cody's heart. Now we pray that He heals his brain. We all know that it can be done. We've already seen miracles happen.

We were able to enjoy the company of wonderful caring friends who stopped by to show their love for Cody. We are writing down each persons name that has stopped by. We want to make sure Cody knows that you were here. I know so many people want to come see him but can't. Please know that we feel your thoughts and prayers. They are working, Please continue.

We were able to enjoy an evening with family and friends at dinner this evening. We haven't been out of the hospital much so it was nice to get out. But I sure was ready to get back and see Bubba.

Cody needs time and time is what we are going to give him. It's all in God's time and God's time is good. Please continue to pray that the Lord brings Cody back to us.

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