Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19-10:00 pm

Cody is still off the vent. He has been having some problems breathing so they put him on a cpap machine to help him. He seems to be doing better with that. He still could go back on the vent at any time. He has been having troubles taking slow, deep breaths. If you stand beside him and coach him he does better. He still has fluid on hig lungs. They gave him more lasix and that seems to help. He is putting out quite a bit of urine so that's good. He's also coughing and that's getting it loose. He is still following commands. They didn't do the CT Scan today because they thought it would be to much for him being that today they took the vent off. Dr. Gibson talked about getting Cody into his own room once his breathing is under control. His fever got up to 102 tonight but he was sweating. They are hoping the sweating is his bodies natural way of breaking the fever. They gave him more Morphine to relax him. He breathing is really good when he's relaxed. He proved to me that he knows me. I was talking to him and told him I was going back to the waiting room and I loved him so much. I walked out of the room and he sat up in bed and bent his knee up. I ran back in and told him that I wasn't leaving him. My heart smiled even though he was more than likely really scared.

Tonight the nurse said he had his right hand in front of his face and was looking at it. Then he was looking at the pictures that we put on a cork board for him. It's still a waiting game for him to come out of this fully. We pray that his breathing gets under control and he begins to take more baby steps. We are so proud of him and love him so much. The Lord wanted Cody back with us and we are so grateful for that. We are also grateful for the prayers that have been lifted up to God. Please continue.


  1. His Senior panel is awesome! He's really talented!
    I'm glad that he's really making progress. I'm glad that he's recognizing what's going on, even when you leave the room! :) I'm not sure which one of you wrote this but as a Mom/Sister I can imagine how that must of felt! We're all still praying and will continue to until he's home!

  2. Will say prayers for you and I know God will see you through. Never stop believeing his power for healing, because itis awesome. May your days be filled with the love of Jesus and your body be healed.

  3. God is so very amazing! Praise him for all the many blessing that he is providing to Cody and his family! Please know that we continue to keep you all in our prayers! In God's time!

    Beth & Billy Briggs & family

  4. You dont know me, my name is Mark Drechsler I am related to the Osborns . My mother is the oldest of them. I have been following Cody ever since cousin cheris and my wife Stephanie talked about Cody. I cant even imagine what you and your family are going through. Its great to see how strong your faith is in the Lord . I'm an electrician I've been shocked several times with lower voltage than Cody and it extremly hurts I can't imagine how he is still here with us. It must be a miracle .I fell away from the Lord when my best friend in the world died over 20 years ago he was my father Charles. I have just recently started going back to church I've been working on my faith after reading everyday about cody my faith keeps strengthening my faith in the Lord. my prayers and love go with you and all your family . I know cody will keep getting better. Ive been reading your updates every day. I will put your family on our prayer list. God loves cody I pray ever day that he takes care of Cody.I live 5 miles from the hopital anything you need let me us know. God bless you all.