Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You Lord!

Cody has been to a few doctor appointments in the last few weeks. First he went to Dr. Dilling an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist. His doctor from Jim Thorpe Rehab wanted him to see one before his next visit. Cody's speech therapist wasn't seeing an improvement so they went ahead and make the appointment. Dr. Dilling made the conclusion that Cody's left vocal cord is paralyzed, which is why his voice is the way it is. He wants him to come back in October. Dr. Dilling is going to give it a little more time so see if it'll start to work. If not there are a few options, surgery, botox injections, and a few more. Or if it doesn't bother Cody that his voice is the way it is then that'll be it. I think it's absolutely amazing that after all Cody has been through that his voice is the only thing we are dealing with! PRAISE GOD!

Cody has also gone back and seen Dr. Fraley from Jim Thorpe Rehab. She wants him to attend a driving school to check and make sure his reaction time and awareness are still good. She also wants him to visit a neuropsychologist to check and make sure everything is clicking and firing upstairs. She wants him to be as safe as possible for himself and those around him when he goes back to work. This is a 7 1/2 hour ordeal! Dr. Fraley would not release Cody at that visit. He goes back to see her in September and she hopes to release him then.

Cody went July 6th to see Dr. Gibson his cardiologist and Dr. Huff his pulmonologist. These are 2 amazing doctors and play a huge part in Cody's life. He saw Dr. Huff first. They performed a whole plethera of breathing tests and Cody passed. Dr. Huff released him. Which is another miracle. When the ER doctor came and talked to the family about Cody's condition it was his lungs that were a huge concern. They didn't think he would make it because his lungs were burnt and were full of fluid. PRAISE GOD! He then went straight over and saw Dr. Gibson. She performed an EKG on Cody and found no defects or imperfections. How could this be? He was shocked 4 times total and at one point only had 10% of his heart working. We can't deny God here! His blood pressure was elevated at the time of his appointment though. Dr. Gibson was a little concerned based on Cody's history. It could have been due to Cody coming immediately from his breathing tests or the fact that he was in a doctor's office!! Dr. Gibson wants him to check his blood pressure everyday for 12-14 days and at different times each day. Matt Miller from Miller EMS has agreed to help us out on this. Cody checked his BP at Evan's yesterday and it was already back down to normal levels. Hopefully it'll stay that way. High blood pressure runs on mom's side of the family so this is something that has to be watched.

God has definitely had his hand on Cody. Please pray that God continues to heal Cody the way he has been. Cody's recovery can only be explained by God. We are forever grateful for God's grace and mercy. Family means so much more to us. We cherish every single moment we have together. I urge you all to Thank God for your family and your health it could be gone in a heartbeat. Thank you so very much for the continued prayers. They have worked. The power of prayer is unbelievable!

Mike, Cody, and Ryan. Bowling for Father's Day and Cody and Jessi's birthday.

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